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Korean Air: KILLER FARE alert! Fly to Europe round trip for under $1700 over the Christmas Break!

Posted By: leny, posted 2008/05/20 01:49
YES this KILLER fare has yet again been set LOOSE (get it..?! :p)

You can fly Korean Air (which is a FULL SERVICE airline) for under $1700 round trip to Europe, during the Christmas school holidays 08-09 for under $1700!
This fare has been released once before, at which time I bought the ticket (it was just a little cheaper then), but it is out now again and I have decided to share it with you good people on BuckScoop.

This fare is considered a 'normal' fare and the airline makes no special mention of it. You just need to know the MAGIC dates and re-seller!

If you were to fly from Brisbane, there is likely to be an overnight in Incheon on both trips - one of which is provided free of charge by the carrier.

If you were to fly from Sydney, there is likely to be an overnight in Incheon on one of the trips - which will be fully covered by the carrier.

If you have travelled this route before, you will know that the trip will usually costs upwards of $2200 during this season and they are usually inconvenient dates, way too early or late. It is a great saving for one, but even better for several people travelling as the savings can really add up.

I predict that this fare will have some reasonable date(s) to fly, but this could be restricted.


After I make a phone call or two tomorrow, I will post the details.
  • admin2008/05/20 01:50:55
    :) - is this the equivalent of a tease
  • leny2008/05/20 01:52:38
    It is a tease. :D

    I don't want to give unconfirmed info.
  • leny2008/05/20 01:54:53
    I can actually see one of the fares right now. Round trip for $1654.95 including taxes.
    I paid maybe a hundred less for mine. :)
  • leny2008/05/20 01:59:45
    Yep I paid $1530 round trip back in March. :D

    LOVE IT - never had such a good price on a REAL airline with full service. :D I'm a very happy little flyer. :D
  • voteoften2008/05/20 07:46:12
    Good on ya Leny.
  • admin2008/05/20 07:56:45
    whats the stopover accom Leny ? And if you can let out trade secrets how's that paid for ?
  • leny2008/05/20 13:37:56
    Thanks voteoften. I am currently getting a flight from Sydney and Brisbane to Prague with the overnight stopovers as I explained above. But still have not confirmed flights to other destinations, such as the all important Incheon-London flight.

    Korean Air pays for hotel stays for involuntary stopovers which extend overnight. However, they will usually only pay up to one involuntary sleepover on a single ticket. The stopover accommodation is in the city and transfers both ways are free (well, paid for by Korean Air anyway...).

    For the involuntary sleepover that Korean Air does not cover, or where the traveller is under 18 and travelling on their own, there is a hotel situated immediately after exiting their customs procedures. I recall it being call the Air Garden Hotel (or similar - will let you know later) and they offer some reasonable accommodation for about $120 for a basic room. They have rooms on either side of the building but I don't really think you can choose as this is done due to lack of space.

    The ticketing on this fare is very likely to be PAPER ticketed. This does not affect anything like check in or earning frequent flyer points, but can be difficult to replace if lost.
  • admin2008/05/20 17:40:55
    What classifies as an involuntary stopover Leny? By definition involuntary is out of your control.

    Incheon is a new one to me. Korea is somewhere I know very very little about (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incheon)
  • leny2008/05/20 18:18:02
    What classifies as an involuntary stopover Leny? By definition involuntary is out of your control.

    Incheon is a new one to me. Korea is somewhere I know very very little about (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incheon)

    Incheon Airport is the main Airport of South Korea, like Kingsford-Smith is of Australia. I have been there before but it has been a while and it has since been refurbished and given a completely new look.

    An involuntary overnight stopover can be defined differently by different airlines, but it is Korean Airlines policy if you have a connecting international flight the next day, that they will provide free accommodation unless you are under 18 (due to mini-bar). Because of the high volumes of underage travellers, Korean Air themselves have started recommending the terminal hotel Air Garden Hotel.
  • admin2008/05/20 18:22:39
    ha - learn something new everyday. It makes sense to have a stopover. The Aus - Europe flights are painfully boring - especially Qantas with their singapore route.

    < $1700 over the christmas period is a very good price.
  • leny2008/05/20 18:24:34
    I usually fly via Singapore/Malaysia/China with direct transfers so this will be a first for me.

    I am however not at all unhappy - because I will actually get to get OUT (outside) to Seoul again! I loved it when I went before, because it is very unique and lovely. I am looking to find the name of a particular shopping centre where I spent much time during my holiday to there (in the arcade which was excellent). :D
  • leny2008/05/20 18:27:29
    I also gather that having a (I think it is..) 14 and then 24 hour stop over because you are not sitting on the plane for the entire time. This may completely change my outlook on getting to a destination as quickly as possible, as it is not great getting off a plane, sitting in the terminal for 3 or 4 hours and then setting yourself down into an Economy seat again. It is of course a different story for Business or higher classes.
  • leny2008/05/20 18:38:56
    The fact that you are only entitled to one free night in a hotel on each ticket where at least one involuntary layover exists is now CONFIRMED by the carrier. It is your responsibility to organise and cover the cost of the extra layover if it exists. (Applies mainly to Brisbane flights.)
  • nod2008/05/20 18:56:53
    Stop overs are great :) Sitting in that small space (nope I aint one of the lucky business trippers :D) for so long breathing stale air and eating way too much dodgy food out of sheer boredom is not what I would call fun.
    Although having said that I do tend to sleep for 90%+ of the trip ... well a lot of the time anyway :D
  • leny2008/05/20 18:58:46
    I would imagine so. :D

    Don't tell anyone, but I enjoy airline food. :o

    I don't know why, and I do eat a lot of tasty food but hey, airline food is not all that bad. ;):o
  • nod2008/05/20 19:08:51
    Don't tell anyone, but I enjoy airline food.

    hehehehehehe I never thought that was possible :D
  • leny2008/05/20 19:40:50

    The dinner fish on Qantas - :o:o:o Oh dear
  • leny2008/05/20 21:56:43

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