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Kogan Technologies - 4-day Super Sale + 5% Discount Code

Posted By: Vanity, posted 2009/07/28 10:45
Kogan have announced a massive 4-day sale with prices slashed on a number of products.

"For example, weve just dropped the price of the 10 Kogan Agora Netbook to $399 thats gonna send shockwaves through the marketplace!"

Other prices we've smashed include:

12" Photo Frame - $129
15" Photo Frame - $179
Agora Netbook - $399
Kogan 1080P22 Full HD LCD TV - $399
Expiry date:2009/07/31
  • golfwidow2009/07/28 11:14:04
    Thanks and WELCOME to Buckscoop Vanity :)
  • nod2009/07/28 18:36:42
    Just removed the link to the Kogan blog as the links out to the products
    are not working.
    The notebook is ok value. Watch that it runs the gOS operating system. You can install others but it may void your warranty - does with other computers
  • fishmonkey2009/07/28 22:39:19
    it does say on their site:

    gOS is a variant of Ubuntu Linux, but the Kogan support team will happily guide you through the process of installing other operating systems. The team has tested several alternatives, all of which worked very well, including Ubuntu Netbook Remix™, KDE4™, Windows XP™, and Windows 7™
  • fishmonkey2009/07/29 23:29:57
    btw, is this a merchant post?
  • joelwilliam2009/07/30 00:49:26
    it does feel that way
  • golfwidow2009/07/30 09:21:57
    As far as we can tell it's ok.

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