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Kmart - Sony 37in/94cm BRAVIA LCD TV $999 + $100 cashback

$899.00Get deal
Posted By: Bargrin, posted 2008/06/16 18:04
In Kmart catalouge starting on the 19th great pirce on Sony LCD TV.

Shopbot show prices from $1500 so Kmart $999 is pretty sweet, plus just called local Sony store and they said lowest they can do is $1170 and yes there is a $100 cashback (details on sony website)!!

So looks like you can pick this up from Kmart for $899, even sweeter if you got a staff discount card!

Not True HD 1080P but still for the price pretty good.

Here link to Sony website details:

37 Inches/ 94cm
Integrated High Definition Digital Tuner: Yes
Native Display Resolution: 1366 x 768
Contrast: 1600:1 (On-Screen)
Response Time: 8ms

HDMI Input: x2
Component In: x2
S-Video in: x2
Composite in: x3
Headphone Out: x1
HD15 / PC Audio Input: x1
  • nod2008/06/16 18:25:09
    Nice price Bargrin thanks :)

    The cashback program running until the end of June
    makes this price even better price :w00t:
  • admin2008/06/16 18:29:06
    its not far off the 1080 spec. Good find bargrin - hot from me.
  • Bargrin2008/06/16 18:42:21
    yeah I am suprised it even comes with a bulit in HD tuner
  • wheadle2008/06/17 02:32:44
    cheers mate. hot vote here.

    Kmart a registered Sony dealer??
  • admin2008/06/17 09:17:56
    I see Sony's just released the new lot of Bravias. Probably why BigW have these out on special.
  • kingyubbo2008/06/17 12:52:55
    Pretty Hot Stuff..... not a huge fan of the quality of those Bravia's, but the best 37" in that price range

    Clearing stock for the new range... I suspect the other stores will follow suit. I'm sure there'll be other retailers with just as good deals.

    Comes with Built in HD Tuner which is very nice!
  • tarajaneace2008/06/17 13:57:27
    i bought the conia LCD COTD had a few months back. I am not happy with the quality (although I didn't expect much more given the price).

    I plan to replace with a smaller samsung that will cost me about the same

    Do you think this is a better purchase then the samsung? http://www.computershop888.com.au/product_detail.php?pID=8582

  • lilpretzel2008/06/17 17:08:10
    Hi Tara,
    I bought the Conia 81cm LCD - $478.00 from COTD than added a HD Digital Set Top Box from dStore dStore: Olin HD Digital Set Top Box - NOW $74.95
    for the price it's a great combination for the family room.

  • Bargrin2008/06/17 17:28:15
    those who have seen this in stock can you please post here which kmart it was.

    I have heard that Kmart Garden City WA has them on display and ticketed at $999

    Also have many people been going to JBhifi in Melvile to get a price match cause bloke over there says he been getting requests all day about this deal but has no stock to sell :D
  • bigal2008/06/17 17:31:00
    WP post on this noted Kmart Newcastle's selling these already as well.
  • tarajaneace2008/06/17 18:23:46
    Lol lilpretzel

    I have the same set up! But I can only get the olin top box to pick up SBS, so I am not using it at the moment.

    I still am dissapointed with the quality of dvd's on the conia. I thought they would be sharper. I plan to move the conia into my bedroom so not all is lost. I just have to find something suitable to replace it!

  • Bargrin2008/06/17 18:23:49
    Has anybody seen this ebay sale.


    its a copy and paste job of the deal i posted, somone put it on eBay selling the info on how to get this deal. :eek:
  • nod2008/06/17 18:26:07
    :D No way!!! Why on earth would you buy the info? :D
  • admin2008/06/17 18:44:48
    :D - classic. Makes you wonder how many people woulld be gullible enough to buy it.
  • kingyubbo2008/06/17 19:11:16
    Wonder what the eBook has in it.... links to the BigW catalogue lol?
  • lilpretzel2008/06/17 19:45:18
    LOL kingyubbo they would be getting a dud than as the offer is for KMart :D
  • Bargrin2008/06/17 21:38:31
    anybody find any reviews of this TV ?
  • admin2008/06/17 22:08:52
    lots and lots of crap but I cant yet find a specific review on the blogs or the usual techsites bargrin
  • kingyubbo2008/06/18 01:28:15
    LOL kingyubbo they would be getting a dud than as the offer is for KMart :D

    That's ebay for you!

    Just looking around at a bunch of other forums, people are lining up for these things. If you are thinking of getting one, you better ask someone to put one aside tomorrow.... or get there early. Some Kmarts have a lot of stock... and others don't, ring and check it out. Also you might be able to price match at various places.

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