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Kmart Post Xmas Stocktake Sale

Posted By: ntowill, posted 2008/12/23 10:33
Kmart have their catalogue out already as well. Lost of stuff in their like half price tops, $10 bras, 30-50% off manchester, shoes, etc.

Also, 50% off PS2 Guitar Hero 3 game (now $74.50) and can buy a second guitar for only $25, 40% off EA Sports 09 games (eg FIFA 09).

Worth having a read through anyway.
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  • queenshrew2008/12/23 10:53:37
    Thanks for the catalogue ntowill.

    Some bargains to be had!

    I notice there's 50% off patio blinds.. just wondering if anyone has ever used them and if they're easy to install and do stay put? I'm worried that if the wind is strong it starts flapping all over the place. Really need some for our place. Last summer.. it was like a sauna on our deck lol
  • ntowill2008/12/23 11:13:04
    I have some of the one made from the woven type material and they don't really flap around. The wind can move through them ok. These Kmart ones look like the clear plastic type which may flap around more, but in the photo it looks like there are ties down the bottom of them?

  • admin2008/12/23 19:57:59
    Who let Oscar out.
  • queenshrew2008/12/23 22:05:13
    Thanks ntowill... I might go in and have a look at them soon.

    Haha donkey! U sure that's not you in the pic! :p

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