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Kmart Monster Sale

Posted By: mouldgirl, posted 2008/11/05 22:23
no online catalogue but the tv ads say it starts tomorrow
I was in Kmart today and they were starting to put more stock out. Some of the toy deals looked great.
50% off fridges & freezers is also available but not sure that it is all stock

It's now up on the website :)
Link is: http://www.kmart.com.au/images/homepage/Monster_Sale_AU.pdf

It's a ONE DAY sale only - Thursday 6 Nov!!! So don't miss out!! :D Great find, mouldgirl
- queenshrew
  • queenshrew2008/11/06 00:12:15
    Thanks for the heads up, mouldgirl :D

    They haven't delivered my catalogue (Tuesday being a public holiday, looks like my postman + Junk mail deliverer decided to take Wed off too :p) So I'm glad I get to preview it online hehe
  • queenshrew2008/11/06 00:27:13
    I found the link, but can't edit your deal, so I created a post on it, but have expired it so no one can post on it hehe.. I will link it here until you update your link :D

    It's now up on the website..! So hot! Thanks mouldgirl :D


    Wow! Some amazing prices! Will be a MAD rush probably!

    Stockman Weekender 8 person dome tent $99 (Save $150)

    Fab laundry powder 2kg $1.99 (save $4)

    Bonds washable 2 pillow pack $9.99 (save $16)

    Olin 2ch DVD player $29.99

    60% off Living with Deborah Hutton manchester & homewares (INCLUDES ALREADY REDUCED ITEMS)

    50% off fridges & freezers

    Huffy Girls or Boys 20" bikes - Only $49!

    The pdf is here: http://www.kmart.com.au/images/homepage/Monster_Sale_AU.pdf
  • lilpretzel2008/11/06 00:48:33
    Thanks QS, link updated and will remove your dupe ;)
  • queenshrew2008/11/06 01:44:32
    Great, thanks lilpretz :D

    I'm going to Kmart tomorrow... oh AND toys r us :p hehe
  • wheadle2008/11/06 11:22:01
    50% off fridges is great. Do they have a full catalogue out as the pdf is very limited
  • queenshrew2008/11/06 12:15:53
    50% off fridges is great. Do they have a full catalogue out as the pdf is very limited

    I think you'll have to go in to see for yourself :D

    That's part of their marketing strategy..making you go instore to see what they have - then you're likely to purchase other things too hah! :D
  • labgirl2008/11/06 12:34:45
    My local kmart had 50% off all Deborah Hutton last weekend for some reason, and I picked up a very nice doona cover set, cushions and towels for a very low price. And its quite good quality as well.:)
  • wheadle2008/11/06 14:32:40
    50% off the 'real' Deb or her home gear? :D
  • sunrise35002008/11/06 15:40:09
    picked up the tent
    thanks :D
  • labgirl2008/11/06 15:50:47
    sorry to disapoint Wheadle, only her home gear:p
  • queenshrew2008/11/06 22:18:33
    50% off the 'real' Deb or her home gear? :D


    I bought a few of the things from her range today, and they all had a photo of her on the packaging..

    A photo is a poor consolation, but perhaps a good enough incentive for you? :p

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