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Kath & Kim series 4 pre-order - $39.95 @ Dstore +7.2% cashback

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Posted By: Brad, posted 2007/10/16 07:04
D-store have Kath & Kim series 4 on preorder for $39.95 ($10.00 off it's
recommended retail) Due to be released on the 17th October 2007 - They'll just send it off to you as soon as it's released. :)

It's the cheapest I've found for it so far and you've also got 7.2% cashback to play with. New members get free shipping on their first order over $50 too.
(See Admins voucher attached below)
  • nod2007/10/16 22:16:30
    You could get this and the toilet seat :D
    Are you a 'Kath and Kim' fan Brad?
  • Brad2007/10/17 15:03:15
    I'd have to say I am a fan.
    I found it funny the amount of celebrities they hauled in this season.

    Shane Warne starred in the episode where Shanon and Shane were getting married - which was terrible timing as he had just been allegedly cheating on his wife. :D
  • nod2007/10/17 15:24:24
    his wife is a bit odd
    I did have a serious giggle when I saw her plastered all over one of the womens mags in hte supermarket with a big smile saying ' he cheated on me again'

    The below caption should have read..." but I get another 15 mins of fame and money for the spread so life aint all bad" :D

    Am I too cynical? :w00t:
  • Brad2007/10/17 15:27:50
    Certainly not Nod, loving the idea of a 'big smile' photo shoot. :D
  • nod2007/10/17 15:29:39
    oh yeah.. after all the pain of having your husbands infidelity plastered over the nation I would want to dress up and smile for the camera too....
  • Brad2007/10/17 15:32:26
    :D - Indeed.
    As you said Nod, some will do anything for a buck or two.
  • nod2007/10/17 15:42:24

    nuff said I think
  • nelly2007/10/17 17:59:57
    Kath&Kim are the best. rofl all the time
  • jayne2007/10/17 18:34:16
    Yes, they are great. They are on my list of DVDs to purchase :)

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