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Joh Bailey - Flexi-Stylers $19.95 + Free Shipping

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Posted By: lilpretzel, posted 2008/12/15 10:29
This product was just listed on Deals Direct for $19.95 but a quick search I found them for the same price but with Free Shipping !

Another great present for Xmas for my girls.

18 flexible stylers for a variety or dynamic hair curls, includes heated storage case.
  • lilpretzel2008/12/15 10:39:45
  • queenshrew2008/12/15 10:40:12
    Thanks lilpretzel.

    Do you know if they work well?

    I used to have one (ages ago) but not this brand, and it was good but too bulky!
    I left it back at my parents' place.

    This one looks slightly more portable?
  • lilpretzel2008/12/15 10:44:17
    No idea sorry but yes not as bulky as the older ones.

    My sister has the Joh Bailey wet and dry straighter and loves it, good brand.

  • lilpretzel2008/12/17 15:34:37
    Now this is what I call FAST service!!!

    Heads up, they arrived via Star Track Express

  • fairybelle2008/12/17 15:43:39
    WOW, thats super fast!!
  • lilpretzel2008/12/17 15:48:31

    You also get a Free $20 voucher to use at his salons, voucher is in the booklet with product.


  • fairybelle2008/12/17 16:08:45
    Hey Lil 6,000 posts i was impressed with my 2,000. but 6,000 is impressive!!
  • jinx2008/12/17 16:15:33
    Yeah awesome service, mine just rocked up, only ordered yesterday :xmas7:

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