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Jinx.com geek clothing - All T-Shirts $5 off

Posted By: Cropsy, posted 2008/03/26 20:45
Geek clothing store Jinx is having a sale. All Tees are $5.00 off and Long Sleeve Shirts are $10 off. All prices are in US dollars.

I should point that almost all of the Tshirts are pretty damn nerdy, lots of video game references and an almost infinite amount of World of Warcraft gear.

Most Tees are $9.95 for sizes up to Xtra large and slightly dearer for larger sizes. Long sleeve shirts are $24.95 for sizes up to extra large.

Shipping prices are as follows

1 T-Shirt : $10.95
2 T-Shirts : $13.05
3 T-Shirts : $15.95
4 T-Shirts : $20.30

I got bored of recalculating shipping after 4 shirts :)

Personally I'm getting one of these

Expiry date:2008/03/28
  • admin2008/03/26 21:55:42
    :D - classic. Love some of the t-shirts in there. My sort of place.
  • lilpretzel2008/03/26 22:21:11
    Cheers Cropsy.

    Noticed they offer cashback so will get nod to check out their affiliated program.

  • admin2008/03/26 23:30:28
    I'm still chuckling over the Body By t-shirt.
  • fairybelle2008/03/27 09:38:50
    Cashback would be good for this one...
  • Manth2008/03/27 17:26:34
    Jinx shirts are GREAT. I'm wearing my Sun Is Trying To Kill Me shirt right now! I bought some shirts 3 years ago and wear them almost constantly and they've held up really well in the wash. Well worth the cost at regular prices!
  • admin2008/03/27 18:04:02
    Ta for the feedback manth.

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