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Jetstar - 24,000 seats for $4. Starts at 8:00pm AEST TONIGHT!

Posted By: jdstacey, posted 2008/04/29 16:54
Jetstar is turning 4!

Get ready to celebrate because it's Jetstar's 4th Birthday!

We're getting the party started with a super hot deal just for our JetMail members.

24,000 seats for only $4!

This fantastic 4th birthday fare will be for travel on a range of domestic routes from VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and TAS on selected off-peak flights between 03 February and 28 March 2009. Sale fares are JetSaver Light^ fares, carry on baggage only. Or book a JetSaver fare with checked baggage allowance for just $14.

JetMail members will have exclusive access to the sale which starts at 8:00pm (AEST) tonight 29 April 2008, and ends at 10:00pm, unless sold out prior.

The only way you will be able to access the sale is via the book button in this JetMail.

So set your alarm for 8:00pm, then click the button below to access this super hot deal and find out more details, including all the destinations.

Important Information
^ JetSaver Light fares have no checked baggage allowance. Carry on baggage limits, including size restrictions, will be strictly applied. Passengers with more than the applicable carry on baggage allowance will need to check in baggage, and charges will apply. More details on cabin baggage.

For payment by credit or charge card, an additional $3 will apply per passenger, per domestic flight sector booked. Fares are for travel on selected flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, are one way, and are subject to availability. Fares are non-refundable and name changes are not permitted. JetSaver Light fare rules apply. All travel is subject to the Jetstar Conditions of Carriage. See Jetstar.com for more details.
  • lilpretzel2008/04/29 16:56:53

    :w00t: :w00t:

    Here we go again!!!

    Cheers jdstacey glad somebody got a heads up early for the offer!

  • jdstacey2008/04/29 16:58:32
    What do we reckon?? 18 seconds before they crash?

    (the site, that is - not the planes!)
  • holdenmg2008/04/29 17:16:26
    2009 too far away...
  • admin2008/04/29 17:29:02
    its is a bit far off isnt it :). Will still give you a hot though jdstacey.

    I give the server launch -5 to crash

    Be nice if we managed to get the inside tip on the URL they run this on before it goes public. We had someone give it on the sale after the grand final.
  • lilpretzel2008/04/29 17:39:39
    What do we reckon?? 18 seconds before they crash?

    (the site, that is - not the planes!)


    I hope they have some good destinations from Brisbane, a girls weekend away would be great!
  • Keeys2008/04/29 17:44:58
    wish I knew which part of Aus my mum was going to be in by then. They are traveling Aus but they would have no idea where they will be in Feb/Mar next year. ..... bit of a pain really would have been a nice cheap way to catch up for a couple of days :(

    Might have to see what the destinations are and see what I can come up with ;)
  • nod2008/04/29 18:19:04
    What do we reckon?? 18 seconds before they crash?

    (the site, that is - not the planes!)

    Glad you clarified that one :D

    I somehow think that it will not take too long for the servers to throw their toys out of their prams :D

    Good luck to all those that give it a go .. be sure to keep us posted about that deals you snag :)
  • admin2008/04/29 19:44:50
    I like the way they bang on about jetstar subscribers having exclusive access - they do that every time and its always just open slather.
  • Keeys2008/04/29 20:06:15
    8.05 and NOTHING !!!!
  • Bowersnest2008/04/29 20:08:18
    these sales are so annoying! not getting through at all
  • lilpretzel2008/04/29 20:12:32
    Brisbane Cairns
    Brisbane Newcastle
    Brisbane Rockhampton
    Melbourne (Avalon) Adelaide
    Melbourne (Avalon) Sydney
    Melbourne (Tullamarine) Hobart
    Melbourne (Tullamarine) Launceston
    Melbourne (Tullamarine) Newcastle
    Sydney Gold Coast
  • Bowersnest2008/04/29 20:12:58
    its up but not getting anywhere 8.12
    Anyone else having any luck?
  • admin2008/04/29 20:13:12
    :D - I see they have a category called 'Service Dogs' on the page
  • admin2008/04/29 20:14:58
    nah bowersnest - usual crap - page wont load after the search interface.
  • Keeys2008/04/29 20:16:25
    not a great choice of places :(

    Would have liked New-GC not Brissy :(
  • Bowersnest2008/04/29 20:18:01
    Can't think its great PR for them - Tiger definately does a better sale
  • gstok2008/04/29 20:23:22
    And Tiger's servers don't go down!

    I don't even bother with Jetstar sales anymore. They can go to.... well, you know where! ;)
  • admin2008/04/29 20:24:46
    I guess its that eyeball thing for them. Cant hurt that the servers crash as the objective of getting you to notice them has worked. Pretty scummy really.
  • Keeys2008/04/29 20:32:40
    I'd be doing allright if I wanted to get to proxy ;)
  • MamaK2008/04/29 20:35:17
    damm I knew I should have gone to uni tonight, I have very little chance on dialup (although I did get some of the $1 tickets)
  • admin2008/04/29 20:47:28
    :D - yep - reckon you'd be right there mamak.

    Just got this message

    Service Temporarily Unavailable

    The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.
  • khaz0r2008/04/29 20:53:22
    Hey is the $4 return? or one way? if its one way the anyone know what the return fare will be?
  • jdstacey2008/04/29 20:59:27
    Stoopid Jetstar!! lol...

    I'm more excited that the deal is up to 166 degrees in under 4 hours! Wheee! :P
  • winniblu2008/04/29 21:03:11
    no PERTH!!

    totally bunk!
  • khaz0r2008/04/29 21:18:58
    stupid jetstar lemme make a booking!
  • lilpretzel2008/04/29 22:10:23
    [COLOR=#fe5815]Sale Over![/COLOR]

    Jetstar's 24,000 Seats For Only $4 Sale has now ended.

    What a load of &#%#&% they should of left it run until SOLD OUT!!!!

    I had 3 chances of getting tickets for hubby and myself for his birthday and it timed out on the purchase page :mad:
  • admin2008/04/29 22:55:39
    Hey is the $4 return? or one way? if its one way the anyone know what the return fare will be?

    It was one way khaz0r - dunno what the return would be - couldnt get a booking :D
  • thedreamer812008/04/29 23:32:47
    I got to the last page of confirming my booking from bris to cairns and it timed out :( these jetstar deals arent worth the stress it causes :P
  • admin2008/04/30 00:00:00
    you could understand if it was the first time they'd run one but we've seen the exact same situation lots of times now.

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