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Jeanswest: Get a $10 voucher for completing a 2 question multiple choice quiz!

Posted By: leny, posted 2008/05/20 16:06
Visit this deal and answer the two multiple choice questions about what you would do with a certain amount of cash (of course the answer is jeans to both of them) and you will get a $10 voucher from JeansWest!
  • wheadle2008/05/20 19:04:14
    Cheers Leny
  • leny2008/05/20 19:37:33
    No worries wheadle, I didn't think it was too bad for them to give you a $10 for a few seconds of your time. :thumbsup:
  • leny2008/05/20 20:01:42
    Here is the voucher without having to do the quiz and giving your real/fake details.

  • kingyubbo2008/05/20 22:34:16
    So is there a minimum spend on this thing?
  • leny2008/05/20 22:54:13
    So is there a minimum spend on this thing?

    No there isn't. :)
  • leny2008/05/20 22:55:04
    And you can go in every day with the voucher until its expiry on the 29/06/2008.
  • admin2008/05/20 23:16:45
    And if you can show you've spent either $150 in one trans or $800 in a 12 month period you can get another 5% and 10% off respectively (its in the small print at the bottom of the voucher Leny posted)

  • carmine2008/05/20 23:51:13
    "Redeemable on full priced merchandise only"

    Which is a shame. So I guess you can't use it at the outlet stores:( That's where all the bargains are!
  • admin2008/05/21 07:34:06
    That'd be the catch. Its interesting when you see the physical cost of producing a pair of jeans vs the rrp in a store - its a huge mark up.
  • kingyubbo2008/05/21 17:35:57
    Anything under $10 at Jeanswest? Would be awesome to pick up one free thing everyday. Can post it in the freebie section lol!
  • admin2008/05/21 17:37:05
    :D - dream on baby.
  • admin2008/05/21 17:41:33
    Actually - having said that there's probably a bunch more stuff instore.

    I was looking at the website and the best I could find there was stuff for $25. There'd have to be cheaper stuff instore you'd think.

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