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Hot Fuzz/Shaun Of The Dead Double movie deal at Play4me +7.2% cashback

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Posted By: Brad, posted 2007/07/19 03:07
Play4me have a Hot Fuzz/Shaun Of The Dead Double movie deal where you can get a double DVD with both these movies for $17.95, WAS $40+.
This seems a good deal as buying Hot Fuzz alone was $35.96.

So, you get the bonus movie with the same actors for just over half the price, and you still have 7.2% cashback to play with.
  • Brad2007/07/19 18:10:46
    Forgot to mention, I have seen them both, and they are indeed worth a watch. :)
  • admin2007/07/19 18:18:02
    I havent seen Shaun of the Dead yet. Watched Hot Fuzz the other night. It kept me pacified for a couple of hours but dunno if I'd say I liked it.
  • jayne2007/07/19 18:36:30
    Shaun of the Dead was my preferred one out of the two, it was much funnier. There were a few chuckles in Hot Fuzz, but it seemed too commercial after the success of the first one.

    Good deal, by the way brad. Voted hot :)
  • admin2007/07/19 18:37:31
    :) - true - forgot to say that - nice find Brad...
  • nod2007/07/21 16:40:03
    Nice deal Brad, thanks

    I thought Hot Fuzz was amusing but not that great. Kind of quirky left of centre stuff.
    I don't think I have seen 'Shaun of the dead'
  • wheadle2007/07/21 18:28:35
    Shaun of the dead is a good film. I have not seen Hot Fuzz but my mates enjoyed it.
  • lilpretzel2007/12/13 14:29:57
    [SIZE=5][COLOR=Navy]Now: $19.95

    :santa: :present: :rudolph:
  • lilpretzel2008/01/06 00:17:07
    [SIZE=5][COLOR=Navy]Now: $17.95[/COLOR][/SIZE]
  • Brad2008/01/06 01:09:11
    Remember you can use the 8% discount code on this one, and you get free shipping at Play4me if you order 2 (or more) products. This of course only counts as 1 product.

    These are also now available at OO for $16.95 which may work out cheaper, depending on availability of free shipping promotions etc.

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