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Harvey Norman - Playstation 2 Slim Console & Guitar Hero III Game & Controller - $158

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Posted By: taskel, posted 2009/07/13 08:19
I recently posted a deal for the ps2 console alone from BigW for $128 but with this deal your getting the Guitar Hero 3 game & wireless controller bundled in this offer for only $30 more. Its about $45 for the Guitar Hero game and guitar alone.
Expiry date:2009/07/19
  • Keeys2009/07/13 23:02:47
    Anyone know if this is Aus wide? We went to Big W today to be told rubbish never heard of it we ended up speaking with the manager who said never heard of it either so they phoned 2 other stores who were also at a loss :(

    The only brochure I can get when I look online is the toy sale one so thats no help :(
  • taskel2009/07/13 23:39:48
    KEEYS!!! I'm so sorry!!! I had just posted a deal for Big W, and wrote Big W for this deal too...it's actually at Harvey Norman I'm really sorry!!! :o :o :o I've edited the link, so now youc an visit the Harvey Norman catalogue to see it, maybe the mods could change the merchant.

    Sorry again :flowers:
  • Keeys2009/07/13 23:51:01
    No worries will give them a call tomorrow fingers crossed some left ;)
  • golfwidow2009/07/14 10:36:30
    Fixed it up for you Taskel ;)
  • Keeys2009/07/14 13:34:21
    They have heaps in stock so about to go get 1 YAY!!! So glad Big W sold out of the $128 ones now haha

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