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Harris Tech up to 60% off notebook sale (conditions) Maybe some bargains

Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2009/07/22 16:42
You have to buy 2 accessories first (around $100 min) to enable you to buy the cut price laptops.
Check the terms carefully.

Notebooks are sold with a No Returns Basis!

Some good looking discounts but stock will be limited or gone quickly already.
Expiry date:2009/07/28
  • admin2009/07/22 17:12:33
    Good price on the Macbook 2.4Ghz in the discounted prices. The list of accessories is pretty slim - watch the prices in there. That Lacie drive as an example is $50 to $80 over market, so as a deal you need to be careful.

    Assuming I wanted the MacBook at $1162 - normal price for it would be about $1800 up - I'd get the MS Wireless keyboard mouse kit ($119) as it'd be useful and probably the Lacie drive ($159) although its a bit small.

    $278 for the accessories which if I bought elsewhere would have cost me about $120 less. Assuming I was going to buy the accessories at some time anyway the deal works out pretty well.
  • kingyubbo2009/07/22 17:21:14
    Trouble is, there's not stock of the actually 'cheap' notebooks.
  • admin2009/07/22 17:24:33
    which were you looking at kingy?
  • kingyubbo2009/07/22 17:26:38
    and of the Macbooks, Toshiba 13", Dells or anything under $1000 really. Would go perfectly for the folks.
  • admin2009/07/22 18:17:14
    Borderline false advertising where they have such a limited stock.
  • kingyubbo2009/07/22 18:43:40
    I guess the lucky 1-2 people would not agree.
  • admin2009/07/22 19:42:09
    Do you have to go through the purchase process on the accessories before you find out what stock they have left ?
  • fishmonkey2009/07/22 23:33:24
    HT have rather a frustrating online system... seems to be partly designed to force you to look at lots of stuff... most notebooks i looked at were either pickup only from one or two business centres, or stock-unknown-request-info...

    the really good bargains seem to be for old stock with only a few units left to clear...

    i also had a bad experience ordering an iMac through them for a client a few months ago... i was told it would be delivered in a few days... when it never showed up i had to call them to find out they actually wouldn't be able to get stock for a couple of weeks (they didn't bother to contact me to let me know)...
  • ndro7772009/07/23 11:51:56
    I actually managed to get the Toshiba. Yupe I was quick :)
    Very good machine, well worth the $1100 (incl mouse and bag I got it with).
    The only regret is I didn't buy 2!
  • ndro7772009/07/23 12:00:02
    By the way, none of the originally featured laptops are available anymore. They have a selection now with much much much less savings (ie you can get cheaper elsewhere):

    ht.com.au | Latest Promotions | 60% off selected notebooks
  • ndro7772009/07/23 12:02:02
    I "add to cart" items that I wanted and continued with the delivery info and payment process.
    There wasn't any hassle for me. And I got the goods this morning, now setting it up, so all good.
  • fishmonkey2009/07/23 12:18:19
    nice one...

    i think they had a limit of one notebook per customer anyway...
  • admin2009/07/23 18:21:27
    yea - one per customer.

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