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GoTalk VoIP - Unlimited national landlines and mobile calls for $14.95/month

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Posted By: sab988, posted 2007/08/30 09:08
GoTalk have a new VoIP plan, the first of its kind in Australia !!!
The goVoIP Aussie pack, for $14.95, gives you unlimited* free local, national and mobile calls in aussie

Terms and conditions are:
* "fair use policy" applies to the plan: if you exceed 300 local calls or 300 national calls or 100 calls to mobiles or 1,000 minutes to mobiles

Here we go ... the VoIP revolution is about to warm up !!!
  • admin2007/08/31 00:23:11
    Good stuff - about time for more competition I say.

    Whats the quality like Sab ?? I've given up using Skypeout for calls as its just crap.
  • sab9882007/08/31 00:34:47
    on whirlpool ... people say the quality is excellent

    But i never tried it ... but im assuming the quality is gr8 cause GoTalk were one of the first players in residential VoIP so im assuming that their network is pretty good :o

    Its worth a try ... $14.95 is cheap and their is no contract :cool:
  • nod2008/01/25 22:49:07
    These guys now offer cashback too!
  • sab9882008/01/25 22:58:02
    can u guys fix the link please ... seems to be broken here
  • nod2008/01/25 23:18:54
    off to check it now :)
  • Mikes2008/01/26 08:13:20
    On checking Whirlpool there are others who are not happy with this service. Also bear in mind if you reach the fair use limit, you get your service disconnected, not slowed down (yes its hard to "slow down" your voip. But there is no warning here. So relying on this as your only call method could create an issue.

    One Whirlpoolain raised issues with the call limit, being lower and that calls that do not properly connect (and need to be redialed) may also be counted in the total 300 calls.


    Also 300 calls = $30 of value at 10c a call (most VOIP provider standard cost), so in effect you are getting calls at 5c each.

    If you only make 150 calls then there is no gain, under that number it costs you more, So factor your calling pattern into this deal.

    You also need to get a Voip ATA box which they don't seem to supply - you buy one at your computer shop and configure it yourself

    as for Whirlpoolians liking the service some do some don't (but thats like all VOIP providers)


    No big deal as long as you understand the rules of the game...
  • admin2008/01/26 09:59:59
    helpful summary mikes - thanks.
  • nod2008/01/26 10:56:12
    Brilliant info Mikes thanks :)

    And they also need to get their cashback links sorted :(
    So no cashback until I hear back from them

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