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Global Shop Direct - Clearance Sale with Free Shipping

Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2010/09/25 15:48
Global shop direct is having a clearance sale, free shipping on most items
Expiry date:2011/08/01
  • kazyazy2010/09/25 15:52:01
    Reconditioned Power TX
    Whole Body Vibration trainer Only $70 + free shipping

    Micro Grill only $10 with free shipping

    Ab Rail only $39 + Free shipping
  • kazyazy2010/09/25 15:55:02
    Table Mate 4 Kids $10 with free shipping
  • kazyazy2010/09/25 15:57:51
    Titanium II Knives + Block Only $9 with free shipping
  • fairybelle2010/09/26 23:03:03
    $9 for a knife block, thats just crazy....
  • kazyazy2010/09/26 23:35:18
    I got the knife block, I need new kitchen scissors anyway :)
  • golfwidow2010/09/27 09:58:38
    I don't know what is going on but that site hates me!
    Keeps adding extras to my basket and then deleting things and then taking me back to the main page. All I want is the batteries and it is not worth the stress!
    Is it just me having this problem?
  • kazyazy2010/09/27 10:05:15
    I had no problems at all golfy
  • ntowill2010/09/27 13:42:07
    I had problems too. Was using Internet Explorer and it kept deleting things, adding things, etc. Ended up going through Fire Fox and it worked perfectly. :cool:

    Thought about getting the knife set - already have a fantastic expensive set (bought from the US so much cheaper than sold here), but one or two of the knives looked good and I thought for $9 it would be ok. Then I read this review which said one paring knife was ok, but the rest were a heap of garbage - which turned me off. I'd imagine the scissors would be fine though. Would be interested to see what people say about the set when it arrives in the post? If you needed some knives I guess for $9 it's not much money to part with if they only end up being useful to butter bread (ie blunt). :whistling:
  • fairybelle2010/09/27 14:05:58
    This is crazy, adding and removing items... ARGH almost going to give up
  • ntowill2010/09/27 14:23:10
    I tried for ages too - got up to the filling in credit card details (after going backwards and forwards adding/deleting items it mysteriously changes) and clicked 'submit' and it just went to the home page. No confirmation message. Waited for a comfirmation email for 10mins with nothing, and nothing in my settings I had created for any orders.

    With Firefox went through with no hassles, and there is a confirmation screen and a confirmation email!

    Wasted 10-15mins of my life last night trying to get it working with IE!
  • fairybelle2010/09/27 15:38:48
    Yep, downloaded Firefox, just to place an order.... great sale....
  • kazyazy2010/09/27 15:42:45
    I always use firefox and have had no problems with their site so it must be internet explorer
  • Rebekah762010/09/27 15:58:04
    Since hubbie insisted I download Firefox, I have found it much better and works with more sites consistently.
  • golfwidow2010/09/27 16:06:19
    I use Google Chrome so looks like Firefox is the answer :)
  • sparrow2010/09/27 20:39:43
    I use firefox and have been also having problems with the site like the adding of products to my basket that I never even looked at, I have also emailed them to let them know, so they are aware of it.
  • fairybelle2010/09/28 10:26:29
    Has anyone brought from here before?
    When I got the confirmation of my order, it said shipping within 28 days!

    Is that the normal shipping time??
  • sparrow2010/09/28 11:10:57
    Has anyone brought from here before?
    When I got the confirmation of my order, it said shipping within 28 days!

    Is that the normal shipping time??

    I recall reading somewhere about it taking up to that long when they have the sales on and the flow of customers are greater than normal.
  • enthusiast2010/09/28 18:14:46
    This is the best browser to use: http://www.ie7.com :-P
  • melissanj2010/09/29 09:12:44
    I knew i shouldnt have come on here! hehe trying to save money but couldnt resist the vegie slicer thing...and then i had to get those stick on lights .....and then of course i have to try out the herb n serve dresser thingy...haha im horrible at this saving money game!
  • fairybelle2010/09/29 09:47:45
    Hehe I got one of those veggie slicer things too... Im just hoping it really is that easy...
    Also wanted one of those vibration platform things for ages and well for $70.00 even if it doesn't work still cheap to try it out.
  • CheeseCake2010/09/29 17:13:41
    just got an email from this seller. Due to high demand of knives block, your order is canceled, blahblahblah...

    Personally blacklisted this seller.
  • Leveshan2010/09/29 17:59:46
    yea, same here, it is pretty strange how their site did not keep an accurate amount of stock, cause i placed my order the very same day the deal was posted and got the order sent to my email, but today they sent and email say they had to cancel it. I dont know but maybe they only took orders from people who ordered one, (lol i ordered two, one for my mum and one for gran) or they gave the knives to customers that ordered other items as well, or they just can not keep a record of how much stock they have :p lol
  • jezzamine2010/09/29 21:00:38
    Received an email from "Jeff" saying my order was cancelled too.
    Not happy Jeff! :(
  • kazyazy2010/09/30 00:13:51
    Unfortunately due to an overwhelming demand, we have run out of stock of the Titanium Knives. As a result, I have had to cancel your order.

    We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

    I wonder if they ever had any .... Thats crap
  • fairybelle2010/09/30 12:24:18
    Aw I hope I don't get an email from Jeff..
    Did anyone get an email regarding any other items? Or was it just the knife blocks. ???
  • eron2010/09/30 20:32:03
    Mine got cancelled today. I think they cancel the knife orders as they process your order for dispatching.
  • sparrow2010/10/04 12:10:51
    My order arrived pretty fast, today I got my 15 piece wagtail mop set delivered, and it took 6 working days to get here.
  • kazyazy2010/10/08 00:22:08
    Received the kids tables and they are really good.... this deal is still going
  • fairybelle2010/10/08 13:33:33
    I received my order, I think its was about 7-8 day turn around. Which I think is okay considering I thought I was waiting for 28 days.
    Except the vibration platform - WTF, does anyone own one of these? I just dont understand it.I cant even stand on it the vibration is so strong.. I was thinking maybe I put it together wrong?
    But the power slicer is awesome. Would recommend to everyone, $35 is a bargain compared to what they sell for on TV.
  • Donkey2010/10/08 18:17:29
    So do we need to unexpire this? Just had a look at the site but can't see the clearance sale.
  • golfwidow2010/10/08 19:11:25
    I received my batteries today even though I never received an email of confirmation and thought the order didnt go through. So if you got to the stage of inputting CC details but then it malfunctioned check your CC statement to see if it really did go through :)

    Have unexpired as it seems the link through to the Clearance Sale still works.
  • fairybelle2010/10/09 13:21:08
    So do we need to unexpire this? Just had a look at the site but can't see the clearance sale.


    Its all still working, except if you click through to the knife blocks it has
    ***This item has sold out and will not be restocked
  • deking7772010/10/11 17:21:43
    not happy here...
    ordered 4 sets of knives which were unavailable

    But received the rest today, kids table, strawberry planter and micro grill... i love a bargain, will have to check them out properly.

    But they are as yet to refund the money to my account that they charged for the knives!

    Will be contacting them soon if it doesnt appear
  • kazyazy2011/01/03 16:39:22
    More items have been added like

    Bergner 28cm Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl $8
    Kaiserhoff Swift Chopper $9
    Elite 7pc Steak Knife Set & Wooden Block $19

    and heaps more
  • fairybelle2011/01/05 22:25:44
    This site is so bizarre, the checkout process wouldnt work with IE or Mozilla.
    Almost gave up...kept adding and random items to my basket.

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