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Global Ceramic Water Sharpener $30.00 @ Peter Kensington

Posted By: jackyblue, posted 2009/02/04 02:06
A good price for one of these.
Global knives go blunt very quickly because of the thin blade so if you don't know what you're doing with a steel then something like this is essential.

Inside, two ceramic wheels one coarse, the other medium work together to completely sharpen your knife. Water keeps the ceramic wheels rinsed.

*Postage: These guys can whack you on shipping based on weight & size so worth checking how much it will be first spec if you live outside metro.
  • admin2009/02/04 09:48:15
    I've used one of these on someone elses global knives. They're pretty reasonable - except the only comment I'd make is that they're pretty brutal in how much steel they take off the blade itself.
  • jackyblue2009/02/04 15:03:35
    That's globals for you! They're made of relatively soft metal so no matter how you sharpen them the blade wears. The benefit of thin blade/soft metal is that if you do the right thing w a steel or sharpener (frequently, evenly & very lightly) then their edge is fantastic. That said I only know a handful of people who manage this and have sharp globals. I'd love a dollar for every time I've picked up a global in someone's house and its dead blunt because people buy them and expect that they'll miraculously keep themselves sharp. If you don't regularly steel or sharpen your knives then here's some suggestions.

    1) Invite someone who knows what they're doing with a steel around for lunch every few weeks in exchange for them doing your knives. Note: this only works if you've got a good diamond steel ... and a handy friend.

    3) get yourself a couple of serrated knives (good quality ones) in different sizes and use them for everything.

    2) buy those Kiwi knives (which cost around $4 - $6 and are actually fantastic), use them for 3-6 months then throw them away & buy new ones.

  • admin2009/02/04 18:57:00
    Or buy this global ceramic sharpener :)
  • joelwilliam2009/02/04 20:43:50
    I have one of these, I don't think it's anywhere near as good as a decent diamond steel. But if you don't know how to use a steel properly, it's better than nothing.
  • fishmonkey2009/02/07 11:19:47
    how much is a decent diamond steel, and where is good place to find such a beast?
  • jackyblue2009/02/08 08:37:21
    I'd be going for a 30cm Fine Oval Steel.
    [COLOR="DarkRed"]Oval[/COLOR] - because more surface area makes for a smoother sharpen & less damage if you get your angles wrong.
    [COLOR="DarkRed"]30cm[/COLOR] - is long enough to get an full arc happening even with big knives (assuming you're going butcher style). Shorter and you risk grinding the heel off because you don't complete a full arc from tip to tail.
    [COLOR="DarkRed"]Fine [/COLOR]- You've got two options
    1) a 600grit (fine) which will sharpen your knife as you steel (as long as it's not something your Mum's been using as a hack knife for the last 25 years). Or
    2) a 1200 grit (superfine) whic is a polishing steel designed to be used in conjunction with a sharpening stone. Basically it polishes - not sharpens so if you don't stone sharpen your knives then forget this option.

    A 30cm oval comes in around $70 - $100 and you can get them at most kitchenware stores (just don't be sucked in to the 26cm if that's all they have - hold out and get the 30cm)
    Or you can pick up a 30cm Ezelap one for $89 here:


    along with an Alpaca Harness if you just happened to need one. :p

  • jackyblue2009/02/08 09:04:38
    Hold off on that Alpaca Harness fishmoney ... here's two more options

    Great brand for $89 http://warebroscutlery.com.au/shop/product_info.php?cPath=3_39&products_id=98

    Great price $48.77 reduced from $86.00 & free shipping for some metro areas.
  • admin2009/02/08 20:20:42
    Chuckling away at the Farmers Mailbox site. Makes sense to be buying online but it still surprises me when I see castrators, drenching guns and calf savers on there.

    I've got a scanpan diamond 600g oval steel that I picked up from Peters of Kensington on sale a year ago for $60. Its good.
  • fishmonkey2009/02/08 23:12:35

    the minimum order from this site is $100...

    oh well, just gonna have to order more stuff!
  • Wally2009/02/09 00:19:42
    Where have all the decent cutlers gone nowadays!!?
  • jackyblue2009/02/09 02:01:36
    ahhhh Wally - that's a term I haven't heard in a long time. They're still to be found every now and again but spose like everything else - they got superceded.
  • ozpete2009/02/09 08:12:58
    Is it just me???

    BUT I dont see a need to sharpen my water!!!

    Call me old fashioned!!!:w00t:
  • jackyblue2009/02/09 09:11:32
    dull water is soooo yesterday ozpete!!!! - you definately waaaaant one of these. Your life will be so much better.
  • ozpete2009/02/09 22:03:58
    Such a cutting comment but very appropriate LOL!!!:D
  • fishmonkey2009/02/09 22:17:48

    hey jackyblue, before my credit card fires off another salvo, does "medium" mean this is a 600 grit steel?
  • jackyblue2009/02/09 23:56:23
    Mmm - frustrating that they don't give more specific info but that's my guess - have never seen a general purpose steel coarser than 600. Good luck - what else did you buy to bring up the $100??
  • fishmonkey2009/02/10 01:31:15
    errrr, well... some more bodum pavina double-wall glasses for starters, they've got really good prices for those... don't think i can ever go back to normal tea/coffee cups again!

    and unfortunately i started looking through their knives, and am now teetering on point of buying a little something not too extravagant... i really like the look of those Furi East/West knives... gonna go feel some 2moro and see if i really really like them...
  • joelwilliam2009/02/10 03:03:46
    I don't like Furi knives. They are Chinese made. You'd be better off with something else. I think Furi are over priced for what they are.

    I'm going to get this http://www.chef.com.au/prod/show/118/286/7937/club-chef-sharpening-steel-30cm/ - Just a normal 30cm german made steel for $27.30 & I'll also get a whetstone or a Japanese water stone, not sure yet.

    Like Hospo onine might have good prices, but having to spend $100 on stuff you don't really want/need sucks + chef.com.au prices are quite good.
  • admin2009/02/10 09:21:10
    Last steel I had was almost identical to that one Joel. It wore down pretty quickly. Not quite as hard on the knives as the diamond ones though. Those F.Dick ones on there are hellishly expensive.

    I've got a selection of whetstones, one of which is a superfine grade. Find I get a more consistent blade by using it on a regular basis. Have also recently taken to using the oval steel I have a bit like a stone in running it over the knives rather than the knives over it to keep the same angle cut when with the stones.

    I watched a butcher trimming rump into superfine steaks with one of these the other day.


    Was impressed at how sharp he had the blade given that they're about 5cm thick.
  • fishmonkey2009/02/10 10:37:32
    so if you wanted to do things right, would you have a whetstone or waterstone as well as a steel?
  • admin2009/02/10 19:25:02
    I'm no expert but thats my favoured combination.
  • fishmonkey2009/02/11 11:38:08

    btw, you have to spend over $500 to get free shipping...
  • jackyblue2009/02/11 15:13:10
    so if you wanted to do things right, would you have a whetstone or waterstone as well as a steel?

    Me - nuh. KISS & just go the 600grit oval steel which you can use in the regular old way (butcher style) or with a small circular action all the way down the blade as though it was a stone.

    BUT ... that's only if you've got thin bladed or soft steel knives like Global, Furi, Kiwi etc

    If you're talking a totally indestructable cleaver or those Mundial knife sets that every 2nd person has then yes I think you need stone too. But again ... give me a $ for every stone that's shoved away in a drawer going festy while the knives are blunt-as.

    Really - it's totally personal, there's no best way. Whatever works for you is the best way and what works for me is thin-bladed not-too-heavy knives that I steel freq (like every day).
    I'm with joelwilliam on the Furi's - but my beef is same as with the globals - as soon as your hands get wet they're slippery as hell, you end up riding them right up near the blade which I guess is fine once you've developed the calouses to handle it ....

    That site's getting dodgier by the minute. Do they actually want people to buy something?
  • fishmonkey2009/02/11 16:11:47
    hmmm, i don't think thin or soft describes my knives very well... to be honest i am drawn to the idea of stones... do you need a steel if you have a good stone?
  • fishmonkey2009/02/11 17:39:59
    btw, you have to spend over $500 to get free shipping...

    it gets worse... prices are shown before GST, and they also charge GST on top of their shipping...
  • admin2009/02/11 18:57:24
    hmmm, i don't think thin or soft describes my knives very well... to be honest i am drawn to the idea of stones... do you need a steel if you have a good stone?

    Thin can be good because the blade will hold what feels like an edge longer and there's less pressure as you cut down through whatever it is your cutting - the trade off is regular sharpening and a shorter lifespan. I have no idea why softer compound steels are used.

    Traditionally you stone the knife to take the blade back to having both a clean cutting edge and the angle you want on the blade itself. The steel is then used to refresh the edge as you dull it with use. Things like Diamond steels and soft blades change that a little where they actually cut the metal back as you use them - reducing the need for a stone. Like jackyblue says you can use them in the same manner.

    Probably just a failing of my steeling method, but I find I stone all my knives about once every 6 - 12 months to take all the big rough edges and dings off.

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