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GIRLIE GOODIES (lingerie) - $10 Voucher; free post on spends over $100.

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Posted By: ScarletRubies, posted 2008/01/04 02:11
Saw this store advertised on GMail. Haven't used it or heard of it before.

From the site:
"Why Not Become A Customer?? $10 Gift Voucher On First Purchase!!

I am not sure if that means you get $10 off your first purchase or subsequent purchase. I'm linking to the specials page (which isn't linked to each page as far as I can tell). The info above is on the home page.
  • bigal2008/01/04 20:44:38
    have to give this a hot vote.... some of the models are umm... very well endowed :blush:
  • Keeys2008/01/04 20:58:14
    yeah this one is easy on the eyes ;)

    scroll down

    and down

    a little further

  • lilpretzel2008/01/04 21:21:43
    [FONT=Palatino Linotype]When you sign up they send you a $10 voucher code to use. if somebody else can sign up we can compare codes.

    Mine is 8fcd415c24 [/FONT] [FONT=Palatino Linotype]I'm guessing they will be unique.

    Nice .Lace halter bodystocking with open crotch and low back for $12.95[/FONT] postage = $8.00 :o[FONT="]

  • admin2008/01/04 22:32:24
    keeys - I've told you to stop posting pictures of me......
  • Keeys2008/01/04 22:39:58
    keeys - I've told you to stop posting pictures of me......

    haha sorry couldn't resist ;)
  • ScarletRubies2008/01/05 00:58:38
    I might have known this thread would get silly...
  • nod2008/01/05 01:02:43
    I guess the name just calls for silliness..... :D

    Thanks for the code thought Ruby, they do have some interesting items
  • ScarletRubies2008/01/05 01:06:08
    I thought that typing it too, Nod - I was just so glad it wasn't called "Girly Bits". Now, who's going to volunteer to find out if that site exists and whether they've got a special offer?? :)
  • nod2008/01/05 01:37:24
    count me out :D
  • bigal2008/01/05 08:23:23
    http://www.girliebits.com/ exists but not what you think :) safe to visit
  • Keeys2008/01/05 09:38:12
    I tell you you have to be carful of those web sites when you type them in ;) my hubby was on the phone one day to tech support we were having internet problems. He doesn't use the net often so hasn't much of a clue. The guy had him put in google.com.au, ninemsn.com.au etc etc he was then asked to put in hotmail.com unfortunatly my poor hubby with little clue put in hotmale.com and came up with a VERY interesting site. This happened at the same moment I walked in the room and was like WHAT THE?? The guy on the end of the phone checking the conection speeds etc didn't know what to say he was speechless as well :o Hubby was left wondering how this could happen he only did what the guy asked him too ;) :D
  • admin2008/01/05 09:58:16
    :D :D - not quite the spot where you download your mail.

    and bigal - that domain must be worth a bomb. Was trying to check out its valuation but ended up with a heap of spammy crappy sites. Gave up :)
  • bigal2008/01/05 16:56:47
    how do you check out the valuation of a website?
  • scatman002008/01/14 21:33:51
    As an added bonus, your 'friend' who gets their $10 voucher, can send a gift certificate for $10 to you.

    How many generous friends do you have? :D
  • admin2008/01/14 21:51:15
    :) - I'll be a hire a friend for $5....
  • MamaK2008/01/15 00:19:44
    There is also Girly Bits cloth pads :)

    I'm happy to sign up for someone too

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