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Get $6.00 CASHBACK On Your FIRST Purchase @ Snapfish!

Posted By: Brad, posted 2007/08/25 04:28
I just saw that Snapfish have a new offer here on Buckscoop: We'll get "$6.00 for each purchase" which I think is a very nice deal. :)

New terms and conditions state that this offer is only available to NEW user ONCE.

Please Note: You must be a NEW CUSTOMER as in, sign up now for a account to receive $6.00 cashback.
  • jayne2007/08/25 20:46:45
    I wonder if it includes signing up for a new account and getting the free prints?
  • Brad2007/08/25 21:18:13
    I don't reckon - remember cashback isn't paid on shipping charges which is all you pay for when you get your free prints. ;)
  • fairybelle2007/08/25 21:29:48
    That is a great deal... is that just for a limited time only? Oe Always
  • admin2007/08/25 21:37:21
    No I looks like the programme they've put in to replace the one they just finished up fairybelle.

    I wondered the same thing as you Jayne but couldnt find anything to clarify it. So will send off an email to find out.
  • Brad2007/08/26 23:22:23
    The Snapfish link is saying "This Promotion has now finished."
  • jayne2007/08/26 23:24:33
    The Snapfish link is saying "This Promotion has now finished."

    Yeah, very odd, I'm getting that too :eek:
  • admin2007/08/27 08:26:40
    very odd - I forgot to update it when the programme changed :D

    All fixed now. My humble apologies.
  • Brad2007/08/31 23:11:11
    Any email back from them Admin?
  • nod2007/09/01 00:23:00
    I just checked the database and it appears that the cashback is tracking on $0 purchase :w00t:
  • jayne2007/09/01 08:07:42
    I just checked the database and it appears that the cashback is tracking on $0 purchase :w00t:

    Whoo hoo! Good news Nod!
  • admin2007/09/01 11:07:33
    that should answer your question brad..... :D wonder if they realise this
  • Brad2007/09/01 13:25:38
    Yep, it does Admin.

    I bought a photobook last night, so that might pay for itself, and 45c for free :d
  • nod2007/09/01 16:34:41
    They are such a nice gift

    [COLOR="Black"]One thing I have heard is that there is a very big backlog (not surprisingly as this deal hit a few forums) and there is quite a wait for the photo books [/COLOR]
  • admin2007/09/01 17:48:47
    good stuff brad.
  • Brad2007/09/08 15:51:12
    This deal is now $6 for "each purchase".

    It seems to be tracking for my photo book purchase. :)
  • jayne2007/09/08 18:45:13
    This deal is now $6 for "each purchase".

    It seems to be tracking for my photo book purchase. :)

    That is pretty brilliant - you are actually getting paid to order this!!!!
  • Brad2007/09/08 19:11:23
    It's going to be a gift too - getting paid to give is a new commercial model I hope will stay :w00t:
  • nod2007/09/08 19:12:18
    mmmmm kind of messes with the whole concept of giving... no? :D
  • Brad2007/09/08 19:16:06
    I believe they are messing with our minds...
    Next time we don't want to pay for a good gift, where do we go? Snapfish of course, but they would have increase their prices by then, therefore we all pay full price!

    Slightly cynical I know...
  • nod2007/09/10 08:05:42
    Ah but true... I guess if you think about it, if you do return and buy another photo book from Snapfish you get them half price
    So still not a bad deal. Still good value for a pressie :D
  • lilpretzel2007/09/11 09:25:56

    10 Sep 2007 10:50:01 Snapfish 0.00 6.00 tracked ~ Nov 2007


    Big Hot Vote Here!
  • hellwolf2007/12/27 14:05:25
    Sorry to bump an old post, but do Snapfish normally process the $6 cashback before the 30 days? I'm currently waiting on 3 different Snapfish orders to have cashback tracked, the first two will hit 30 days on December 30th, so I guess I'll have to put in an earning inquiry if nothing appears before then.
  • larabelle2007/12/27 20:32:23
    Hi, I've had 2 purchases with Snapfish, and they gave me an inexplicable $50 bucky cashback! :confused: ...but then it disappeared and I'm back to no cashback so I'm waiting to see if any comes through. :whistling:
  • admin2007/12/27 20:45:43
    Hellwolf - no problem bump away. Yes is the answer to the first question and it should have been in your account within max 14 days so pop in an enquiry.

    Larabelle - you werent the only one :). There was a few transactions with them that came in at 50-60 bucks. Like hellwolf - please pop an enquiry in and we'll chase it down for you.

    The snapfish tracking is at best described as crap - so our apologies but there's not a whole lot we can do just as yet which is incredibly frustrating.
  • nod2008/01/29 20:51:24
    A very important message from [B]Snapfish[/B]

    [COLOR="Blue"][B][B]Snapfish does not offer sub sales as outlined in their Terms and Conditions. Although it is a Sale based campaign, it pays a flat fee for one sale per consumer.[/B][/B][/COLOR]

    Sorry guys :(
  • queenshrew2009/01/24 18:33:20
    It is now $15 per new customer, not $6.

    So I have edited the heading so as not to confused newcomers :)
  • lilpretzel2009/01/28 21:45:39
    Back to $6.00

  • queenshrew2009/01/28 22:31:36
    Awww what a pity..

    Think my $15 cashback tracked..! ;)

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