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FujiFilm A820 Digital Camera w/bonus 512MB SD Card

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Posted By: holdenmg, posted 2007/07/30 22:13
FujiFilm A820 Digital Camera w/bonus 512MB SD Card

The Fujifilm Finepix A820 digital camera combines 8.3 megapixels with a 4x optical and 7.6x digital zoom. It has 12MB of internal memory and lots of versatile shooting modes and scene positions.

The A820 has dual card slots for xD and SD (secure digital) cards.

The Fujifilm A820 includes ISO up to 800 and an Intelligent Flash to adjust to your shooting conditions.

Best Price elsewhere around $224.00.
(so a $35 card included in the price @ Kmart from 2/8/07 to 8/8/07, sorry, no rainchecks!)
Expiry date:2007/08/08
  • admin2007/07/31 17:02:57
    Is a 512 meg SD card worth $35 ... just checked it out .... yes it is. That surprised me - I'd have thought they'd be cheaper.

    So anyway..... nice price holdenmg
  • jayne2007/07/31 19:41:47
    Nice little camera... Thanks holden!

    My first digital camera was a Fuji 2mp, and I think it was the best point and click I ever had. I still have the piccies from University days, and they are excellent reminders of the fun I used to have before I became a fuddy-duddy.

  • Brad2007/07/31 21:11:14
    Thats really cheap for a 9MP. Thanks HoldenMG!!
  • admin2007/07/31 21:38:05
    that would mean you should be able to get about 110-120 full size pictures on the 512mb SD.

    9mp is going to be a pretty stunning resolution.

    I'm assuming that it must write to the internal 12meg flash before committing to the card. Otherwise - why have it really.
  • nod2007/07/31 22:13:14
    Fantastic price for a 9MP
    Thanks heaps for that Holdenmg :)
  • ScarletRubies2007/08/01 00:35:13
    Anyone interested in buying a camera might like to check out the US site, 'dpreview'. I have found it invaluable. This model isn't rated very highly, but it's a good price (low end) camera pretty good for outdoor shots (poor for indoors).

    Sorry! Photography is one of my things...
  • admin2007/08/01 01:44:37
    :) don't be being sorry - critical analysis of the value of deals and the worth of the subject matter is encouraged.

    whats not good about the model ??
  • ScarletRubies2007/08/01 09:41:38
    It only has very basic features and no room for personalising your settings - which of course may not be an issue for people. You also can't get decent pictures in low light conditions, even with flash - so, no decent indoor shots, no decent shots from before sunset, and no decent evening/nights shots.

    Imagine being at an indoor wedding, or your child's birth, or watching your kid in a music recital/karate demo, whatever.... lots of events in our lives that we want to record happen indoors.

    I'm not the best photographer, but I want to get better, and being "disabled" by a very basic camera is sad. It doesn't cost too much more to do better. The Lumix cameras mentioned for the Panasonic free flight deal are a better option - although they still have detractors as well!

    Seriously, if anyone is looking at getting a digi camera, I really do recommend that site. You get a lot more varied and qualified opinions than mine!
  • nod2007/08/01 16:54:00
    I completely agree that if a camera is not 'good value', even if it is cheap, if you can't take basic shots - that is a good indoor piccie and a good outdoor piccie.
    And thanks again for the extra info ScarletRubies :)

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