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Posted By: twingurl88, posted 2007/06/16 02:42
FROCKYOU.COM.AU (fashion) is having a huge mid year sale. check it out!
some of the items are reduced already but if you enter FROCKER as a promotion code u'll get another 15% off! some really huge savings.
  • Brad2007/06/16 17:45:23
    Nice, 90% off is unbeatable. Voted hot.
  • twingurl882007/06/16 17:48:58
    Nice, 90% off is unbeatable. Voted hot.

    just to clarify brad. the maximum percentage off with the voucher used as well is 75%. just to clarify so that there's no misleadingness' about the discount.
  • nod2007/06/16 17:49:16
    The way the sale works is that they have items discounted by 20-60% and then you can use the voucher to get a further 15% off
    So the largest discount you will get is about 72% - 60% off then 15% off that reduced value.

    I was actually just looking in their sale section as you posted this Twingurl88. They don't have a lot of things on sale
    I do like this http://frockyou.com.au/database/images/prod_121.jpg

    Was $119 - now $89.25 PLUS extra 15% off

    But me and white can be a bit of a worry - I usually have dirt on it before I leave the house :o
  • Brad2007/06/16 17:51:43
    lol. No worries, still a nice discount :)
  • nod2007/06/16 17:53:27
    It is a very good discount. Frock you are pretty good with their codes. I think they tend to have nice clothes too
  • ToastwithJam2007/06/17 20:45:30
    yeah it's a good sale. Lots of coats on special which is good right now!
  • nod2007/06/17 20:58:19
    You can never have too many coats I say :D
  • admin2007/06/17 21:00:21
    nice combination of code and sale twingurl - I've voted it a hot
  • jayne2007/06/17 21:03:20
    Voted hot :thumbsup: Might have a browse in a minute...
  • ToastwithJam2007/06/19 17:19:58
    You can never have too many coats I say :D

    tell me about it!!! :lol: i don't even want to think about how many I own...I did get that Blue Juice white one posted above, couldn't resist...oops :o
  • nod2007/06/19 17:28:49
    Ah excellent... a good buy I think and a really nice coat. :)
  • admin2007/06/19 17:28:53
    :D - I'm probably not the worlds biggest fashionista but I like your buy toastwithjam.
  • ToastwithJam2007/06/19 20:11:44
    Why thankyou :D I'm pretty happy with it...just ahve to be careful to keep it clean!
  • twingurl882007/06/20 17:31:19
    today only: the code FROCKER will get you 20%off but only for today!
  • ToastwithJam2007/06/23 16:07:54
    missed that damn!
  • mouldgirl2007/06/23 17:20:27
    My poor CC has taken a few days to recover :( Thanks anyway, I had fun
  • ToastwithJam2007/06/25 20:55:51
    Just to add about this sale: more stuff has been added to the discount sale, some more GRAB, One Teasoon & Chip Chop by the looks of it.
  • admin2007/06/25 21:04:25
    ta TWJ ..

    I still laugh each time I read your username - love it.
  • ToastwithJam2007/06/26 15:43:55
    haha thanks! I like toast with jam *blush*

    so glad I found buckscoop (my credit card isn't...)!


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