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Freecom External Hard Drive 1TB $299 instore @ Aldi from 17th April

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Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2008/04/11 17:34
ok so I realise office works have a WD drive for $2 under this but if you want to collect from your local store this well known make will no doubt serve you well.

High Capacity (1000GB) storage solution for professional and home storage use
The easiest way to add extra storage capacity to your computer
No tools needed! No need to open your computer for installation
High quality aluminum cover
Temperature controlled dual ball bearing cool fan, ensuring optimal cooling and low noise operation
Connects easily through USB 2.0 connection
LED indicator on the drive
Compatible with MAC and Windows
Automatically and continuously protects your photos, music, video and data files (requires installation of included software)

2yr warranty.
Expiry date:2008/04/19
  • sandgroper2008/04/11 17:35:02
  • nod2008/04/11 18:18:26
    You like your Aldi stuff Sandy :D

    Any inside tips on the quality of the HDD?
    2 year warranty is pretty good :)
  • sandgroper2008/04/11 18:30:20
    Aldi are ok Nod, nothing like standing outside in a line ready for the doors to open hoping they have enough stock to let you get your bargain ;)

    I dont know who's drives are used in these, but as you say they have a 2yr warranty.
  • nod2008/04/11 18:32:27
    you even get the feel of picking up a bargain :D

    I might see if I can drag up some more info.
  • nod2008/04/11 18:35:18
    Found this in PC world:

    Freecom Hard Drive Pro 500GB ****

    Review Date
    Thursday, 7th of February, 2008

    What's Hot
    Thermostatically controlled fan keeps it quiet, a portion of the drive is encrypted

    What's Not
    No software pre-installed, ease of use

    The Final Word
    A feature-rich product with a good selection of software and excellent build quality, the Freecom Hard Drive Pro 500GB lacks the designer style or extreme ease of use of some competing products.

    They give a 4 star rating which is not too shabby :D
    But this is a diff model I guess.

    And Goodgear guide give them the same rating 4/5
  • admin2008/04/11 18:39:10
    I've got one of these http://www.freecom.com/ecproduct_detail.asp?ID=3506&CatID=400

    and will vouch for the quality of the drive. Very well put together - dont know who the drive manufacturer is though.
  • sandgroper2008/04/11 18:40:41
    This one has some software pre installed to allow it to keep a backup of your important files, though if you find this invasive you can format the drive to allow you full control of what goes where.
  • catieb2008/04/19 00:11:36
    Did anyone get one of these? What was it like?
  • lum2008/04/19 00:56:27
    i don't get it, isn't everywhere selling 1tb externals for 299 these days? and afaik, HDs usually come with 3 yr warantees (at least samsungs do)
  • catieb2008/04/19 01:19:31
    Yeah, a lot of places are selling 1TB for around the $289-$299 mark ... the main diff as far as I can see with this one is that it has a fan inbuilt, which may help prolong its life.

    Still not sure though if that's enough of a diff to make this a great deal, or just an okay one ...
  • sandgroper2008/04/19 06:11:55
    This deal was instore only and aimed at the members who do not wish to pay delivery charges and like to go "touchy feely" the goods before parting with the bucks.

    While savings can be had by shopping online, the act of going to a local store and coming out there and then with the item you wanted at a reasonable price suits some.
  • admin2008/04/19 09:11:36
    i don't get it, isn't everywhere selling 1tb externals for 299 these days? and afaik, HDs usually come with 3 yr warantees (at least samsungs do)

    mmmmm - nope.... http://www.i-store.com.au/product/?CategoryID=26&productid=10618

    and that'd be page two of static ice


    Yes you can find drives for $299 but its about at the low end of the marketplace still (except for when officeworks makes a screwup). A bargain isnt necessarily the best price you can ever find anywhere - its also about a bit of spread. So Harris Technology may list something cheap but restrict it QLD and NSW - but thats useless for WA, NT, SA, Tas and ACT. So in your local region $299 may be a very good price compared to the other places around you (or even online stores that have a reasonable delivery charge to your state).

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