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Free Shipping on Books for 48 hours @ Dstore

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2008/08/13 09:24
Today we are offering free delivery on all books! At dStore, we have over half a million titles in stock (including the latest releases direct from the States!), so you're sure to find a great read at a great price.

It's for 48 hours only, so get in quick!

Happy Shopping!

P.S. Orders must be placed by 8am AEST on Friday 15/08/2008. Free shipping is available on items from the Books department only.
  • nod2008/08/13 10:18:49
    Please note: As books are despatched from our US warehouses, they may take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

    Why ???? You can order something from other US stores eg Strawberrynet and it arrives in 3-4 days to WA ???
  • queenshrew2008/08/13 10:31:16
    Hrm..this book looks interesting!

    To Bitch In 10 Seconds Or Less: Quips And Comebacks For Quick-witted Women $17.95


    I seriously could use it haha. Have you often been in a situation when you think of a comeback like 10 minutes after and kick yourself for not having thought of it earlier hehe! Doh!

    My new best friend is keen on a copy too. She's sometimes a bit slow with the comebacks, as she's a Miss Nice. (All brawns and uhm....well, you get the idea)...!

    ETA: Hot Vote from moi and my new best friend :)
  • leny2008/08/13 12:09:47
    Why ???? You can order something from other US stores eg Strawberrynet and it arrives in 3-4 days to WA ???

    I thought Strawberrynet dispatched from Asia.
  • admin2008/08/13 14:24:21
    hong kong arent they ?
  • nod2008/08/13 18:30:30
    Pretty sure the post mark for one of them was USA but I do know they make shipments out of HongKong too

    Either way 4 weeks to get from the USA?? How many flights a day come into OZ ?
  • queenshrew2008/08/13 18:51:53
    They meant they plan to ship by boat :) Thus the free shipping! hehehe
  • lilpretzel2008/08/13 18:53:59
    I've ordered books from dStore they have arrived around the 1 week mark

  • Brad2008/08/13 19:33:33
    I would imagine they would have some of the more popular titles instock in Australia - and order in the ones they don't have?
    Maybe not.

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