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Free Public Transport - Go anywhere in Victoria Friday 30th 2009 Only

Posted By: normie, posted 2009/01/29 23:16
Trains, trams and buses across Melbourne and all V/Line trains and coaches will be free from the first service tomorrow, Public Transport Minister Lynne Kosky announced today.

Passengers will not be required to buy a ticket from the start of public transport services tomorrow to the last service at 1am on Saturday.

Victorians have sweltered through a once in a century heat wave this week. It has placed incredible strain on the public transport network and on commuters themselves, Ms Kosky said.

As a gesture to thank commuters for their patience, the Brumby Government has waived public transport fares tomorrow.

Ms Kosky said the heat has impacted the rail network with tracks buckling and slower and cancelled trains.

The Brumby Government and the states key transport groups know many commuters have been severely frustrated, she said.
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  • lilpretzel2009/01/30 00:32:26
    Good luck, I hope your serviced doesn't get cancelled.

    Remember to keep up your fluids and stay out of the sun as much as you can.

    Thinking of all members in Melbourne and Adelaide

  • queenshrew2009/01/30 08:10:05
    Thanks but no thanks... I'll stay home in my cool house.. hehe. Wish we have a pool outside for a dip though!

    But good luck to the people going to and fro from work in the heat :(
  • craftykiwi2009/01/30 08:23:28
    Dad is visiting form NZ so the heat is a real eye opener for him! Anyway today he decided he needed to head in to the city to do a few things before he returns home tomorrow so this was a nice bonus - doesn't have to worry about buying a ticket or even working out what ticket he needs. We're just crossing our fingers that the trains he needs to catch aren't cancelled so he doesn't have to hang round in the heat any longer than necessary.
  • admin2009/01/30 09:48:09
    :D - HOT vote from me......
  • kazyazy2009/01/30 10:06:34
    So hot ...way to hot to go on a train... :eek:

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