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Free Delivery all weekend @ Dstore + Buckie Cash

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2007/10/18 19:26
Excludes computers and electronics that are only available via courier delivery

Offer ends Monday 22/10/07
Expiry date:2007/10/22
  • Keeys2007/10/19 12:03:19
    Yay time to use those vouchers from a month or so ago ;)
  • fairybelle2007/10/19 12:12:29
    Yeah... will be onto that today ;-)
  • Netjock2007/10/19 12:37:41
    what is the effect on our $20 voucher when it says "can not be used with any other offer or promotion"???

    Hopefully someone can write back whether they could use their vouchers.

  • Keeys2007/10/19 12:39:15
    I just used mine and still got free postage :D

    Just got the jamie oliver flavour shaker wanted one but couldn't justify $50 odd for it but at $29.95 one is now on its way to me :) :)

    Happy spending everyone :)
  • lisss2007/10/19 13:22:33
    I just used my voucher and also still got free postage :) Now I wish I had more vouchers :(
  • nod2007/10/19 14:19:38

    * Terms and Conditions:
    # Offer only valid on products available with standard delivery.
    # Offer excludes products that are only available by courier or express delivery.
    # Orders must be placed between Friday 19/10/2007 and midday AEST Monday 22/10/2007 to qualify for free standard delivery.
    # Offer valid for delivery to Australian addresses only.
    # This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or promotional voucher.
    # Normal website terms and conditions apply.

    Great to hear that dStore will let you use your vouchers and get the free shipping :)

    So that you guys are not disappointed I would put a question on the cashback with dStore until we know it will track ok. Dstore can be quite fussy with the rules re the cashback and may deny it on the basis that you have already uses a discount voucher offer and free shipping
    But http://bestsmileys.com/fingers/1.gif
  • elegantegotist2007/10/19 14:34:08
    Be careful with the Jamie Flavour Shaker its very shoddy makesmanship and the plastic cracks after a few uses. I stopped using mine because I don't want plastic shrapnel in my marinade. :(

    Time to use my voucher ! Yay thanks nod.
  • Keeys2007/10/19 14:43:14
    Do they come with a warrenty? I'd be pretty peeved if it falls apart after a couple of uses :(

    I have another $20 voucher and a $10 voucher to spend ....hmm wonder what else I can find :)
  • nod2007/10/19 15:03:21
    General dStore Returns Policy

    dStore is happy to exchange a product or provide you with a credit on your dStore account, providing the product is returned to us in its original condition, undamaged and unopened, including the outer packaging. The customer will pay all freight charges. This policy is in addition to your statutory rights under the Trade Practices Act.

    If a product is wrongly described, different from a sample shown or doesn't do what it is supposed to do, you may choose between a store credit or refund. dStore will pay all freight charges.

    Defective Items will be replaced with the same item originally purchased. For items that cannot be replaced, a full refund will be offered. dStore will pay all freight charges.

    All return requests must be lodged within 14 days of delivery unless defective.

    I can't seem to see anything about the warranty for this item on the site page but here is the returns policy
    So you only have 14 days it appears
  • elegantegotist2007/10/19 16:52:10
    Seriously its hard work. I would rather the mortar and pestle over this any day. Plus sometimes the butter/dressing leaks if you don't get the grooves perfectly aligned.
  • Brad2007/10/19 17:14:31
    This offer is a good one as the best shipping offer D-store had offered lately was $1.00 shipping, this one is free! :)
  • jayne2007/10/19 18:59:09
    Thanks for the heads up fairybelle, voted hot for the free delivery.

    @ elegantegotist - that does not sound right at all. I'd give them a call and ask for a replacement.
  • elegantegotist2007/10/19 19:48:56
    I got mine a long time ago and also I read reviews on Amazon.co.uk and there were a few people with the same problem.
  • Keeys2007/10/19 20:22:39
    Thanks for the heads up I'll be keeping my recipt and at the first sign of problems complaining ;)
  • lisss2007/10/19 23:02:16
    So what did everyone buy? I had 1 voucher and I bought 2 packets of 2x large dentabones for dogs... The total came to $10 exactly, used my voucher, free shipping and so paid nothing :D
  • jayne2007/10/19 23:03:59
    So what did everyone buy? I had 1 voucher and I bought 2 packets of 2x large dentabones for dogs... The total came to $10 exactly, used my voucher, free shipping and so paid nothing :D


  • ScarletRubies2007/10/19 23:09:07



    And potentially delicious, if you like that kind of thing.
  • jayne2007/10/19 23:12:53
    Keeps your teeth healthy, with their meaty goodness :D
  • nod2007/10/19 23:25:33
    So what did everyone buy? I had 1 voucher and I bought 2 packets of 2x large dentabones for dogs... The total came to $10 exactly, used my voucher, free shipping and so paid nothing

    Smart shopping there Lisss

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