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Free $75 Coles Gift Card Spending $750 or More

Posted By: fairybelle, posted 2007/11/21 07:02
This was in my mailbox today -
Simply spend a total of $750 or more at any Coles or Bi-lo supermarkets between Monday 19 November and Sunday 23 December 2007, present your FlyBuys card at each visit, and well mail you a $75 Coles Gift Card in the New Year.

You can only qualify once for this offer and youll get your Gift Card by 25 January 2008

That might be do-able over ther christmas period?

This Offer is ONLY open to those people that received the offer in the mail
  • brooke2007/11/22 00:05:00
    well i just spent $300 tonight, so im nearly halfway there! im sure i'll have a bit more to do between here & the 23rd... bloody groceries. i just cant get away from them! i always end up forgetting what i need & get lots of stuff i dont!
  • Keeys2007/11/22 08:02:51
    Is this for everyone?

    Alot of these flybuys offers are only for those who receive them like the recent fuel offers etc
  • misserss2007/11/22 18:21:55
    I was wondering too Keeys because I haven't received any of the cards promoting these 'spend $x received gift card valued at $y' although in the past I did and I'm pretty sure the wording was something like 'you've been selected...' which makes me think that maybe these offers Coles/Flybuys are not available to everyone.

    I might ring the Flybuys line and ask.
  • Keeys2007/11/22 18:32:19
    I'd be interested to hear how you get on if you phone them :)
  • misserss2007/11/23 11:05:12
    Just got off the phone to Fly Buys and it as I suspected, it is a targetted offer.

    Only the people who receive the card are eligble for the offer. They actually check the member number so if you didn't receive the card, but spent $750+ in that period, you WON'T get the $75 gift card.
  • scrypton2007/11/23 13:27:54
    apparently the one i got was for $200 and receive the $20... funny.
  • port2008/01/30 14:12:03
    We received the gift card yesterday. Yay!
  • admin2008/01/30 19:25:48
    :) - so back down to coles again huh.
  • hellwolf2008/01/31 09:34:37
    That's a shame, we spent over $1000 at Coles during that period, but we didn't receive the offer.
  • kearnsy2008/01/31 09:40:06
    well my offer was to spend $500 in the period over christmas...I couldn't believe I spent $600 in groceries over that period (it must be christmas)...Anyway i received in my mail a $50 voucher on Wednesday.

    I guess my groceries only cost $550 now ;)
  • nod2008/01/31 09:55:09
    Hey that's great Kearnsy
    Any idea how you ended up on their mailing list?
  • nod2008/01/31 09:55:49

    Just seen that you need to be a flybuys member :o
  • Keeys2008/01/31 10:04:55
    I never got an offer and I'm a fly buys member, however I did receive a petrol offer only a couple of months before and I know not everyone else got that. Guess its just luck of the draw ?
  • kearnsy2008/01/31 10:13:43
    i actually got the offer in the mail, and thought yeah right as If i am going to be buying $500 worth of groceries...boy was i wrong!
  • admin2008/01/31 10:49:51
    pretty easy to spend 500 bucks on groceries these days.

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