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Forget lastminute go with Jetstar to NZ - one way starts @ $49 + Fees/Taxes

Posted By: mouldgirl, posted 2009/03/13 00:47
I am scraping my own deal here. Jetstar have released another lot of sale priced flights to NZ

Sydney return in october is $209

The sale page that you land on states $109 but they are actually available at $49

Sale ends 15th March

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  • MamaK2009/03/13 08:02:57
    you can actually get flights for $36 if not checking in luggage!

    nice find :D
  • wfdTamar2009/03/13 10:25:12
    Do you need a passport for New Zealand? They cost around $200!
  • rak2009/03/13 12:51:21
    i can't find any less than $109 like Jetstar advertised
    ($28 flight + $81 taxes) :confused:

    however, if you do a return trip it goes down a bit
    so the total is about $180 including taxes

    how are you guys getting the really cheap flights?
  • weaijiet2009/03/13 22:05:04
    PLeaseeeee tell me how did you get $49? I can only see $109 after tax
  • nod2009/03/13 23:17:38
    I just did a test shop to fly sydney to christchurch in dec and I get a total of $203 rtn inc taxes


  • tarajaneace2009/03/13 23:58:07
    I booked in the last lot of sales (on sunday) and for myself and 1 child, both with booked in luggage and paying via credit card the total was $358. That was flying into auckland.

    Can anyone else find the $49 dollar flights?

  • lilpretzel2009/03/14 08:49:18
    It's $49 + FEES/TAXES, just look at nods image.

    No flight for $49 including fees/taxes

  • lilpretzel2009/03/14 08:57:18
    Yep passport needed which is a shame as mine needs renewing :(

    Brisbane - Auckland Return in June = $240.18

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