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Ford Focus Challenge Test Drive Offer @ Ford

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2007/11/01 18:54
This made me laugh.

Ford will pay you a massive $250 if you buy a focus after test driving one..!

The Ford Focus Challenge "We bet $250 that you won't buy one of those if you test drive one of these first".
Expiry date:2007/11/30
  • trevorf2007/11/02 11:02:13
    Kinda stupid, attempt to trick?

    Basically its saying, the Ford Focus is so bad, that they're betting that you won't buy one. And if you do, they lose the bet. -_-
  • admin2007/11/02 11:09:45
    :D - I like that - I get voted cold on my deals :D

    maybe I should have stuck it in the freebies with purchase section. Was the novelty value that made me post it.

    But yea - reckon I agree trevorf. $250 is a bit stingy given that you'll be forking out a few tens of thousands for the car itself.
  • fairybelle2007/11/02 11:27:28
    This is become icy very quickly admin
  • nod2007/11/02 18:51:15
    Like the novelty factor, think the $250 is way too low :D

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