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{for fun!}Worth taking a second look!!! "Save" a massive -25%

Posted By: QuirkyKiwi, posted 2011/07/18 07:09
Found this "bargain" whilst shopping at our local Myer store with my children this weekend.
I was drawn to the sticker book as it was for all intents and purposes 'On Sale' but thankfully something in my brain registered that something was wrong and I looked at the ticket again!

Have a look at this sale ticket to see what I mean!!

Imagine my surprise!!

Follow the 'Go to Deal" link to see the sale card and to see what I mean
Expiry date:2011/07/31
  • melissanj2011/07/18 08:36:14
    Haha ooo what a bargain!!
  • golfwidow2011/07/18 14:04:28
    Haha. I wonder how many people buy without paying any attention? :D
  • ninkasi2011/07/19 14:12:00
    I love it - it's like when companies that shall remain nameless have their catalogues with 'we must be crazy' and 'how do we do it?' plastered over products being sold at or above RRP. How do they do it, indeed.... ;-)
  • lilpretzel2011/07/19 16:48:17
    Classic! Send it in to Sunrise, I bet Kochie would have some fun with it :)

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