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Foodland Charity Showbag $5 - SA only - Retail Value $40plus

Posted By: Rebekah76, posted 2009/09/07 15:01
Drake Foodlands in SA have just released their annual charity showbag. For only $5 (all of which goes to the following charities: Flinders Medical Centre, Phoenix and RDNS)

I just went down and bought a couple and this is what I got in one bag. (some products vary between stores)

Mortein Fly Control Stickets
4 pack Corn Thins
25g pk Grain Waves
Nyal Cold and Flu Effervescant Tablets (2 packs of 20 tabs)
Lucky Dogs 12 pk meaty sticks
SuperMax Disposable Razor
Can Sprite Zero
52g pack Junior Mints
140g tub Goulburn Valley Peach in Syrup
20 g Fruit Flakes
28 g Clean And Clear Facial Scrub
25g Mamee Noodle Snack
40g box Uncle Tobys PLus Omega Lift Cereal
Drake Ruler
30ml Armorall Wash and Wax
small jols fruit pastilles
small Beerenberg Strawberry Jam
15g Zombie Chews

obviously, this won't be a fabulous deal for everyone, but at $5, and with all the money going to charity, no one is really going to lose on this one.
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  • lisss2009/09/07 15:14:41
    I'm a sucker for these sample bags lol.
  • Rebekah762009/09/07 16:01:27
    Me too. this is much better value than the rubbish bags you get at the Royal Show nowadays.

    It's very exciting to open the bags up and see what you get. Kids are enjoying the fruit flakes right now.
  • xrayspice2009/09/08 17:38:15
    I love this bag, Rebekah where did you buy yours from?, because I have noticed Newton and Clovercret have different things in their bags.
    My bag from Clovercrest has a few of the same like the nyal cold tablets, sprite zero (200ml or 375ml), the fly stuff, noodles, rice crackers and the razor, but the rest is different...

    a voucher for golden picklets (cinnamon and sugar) but i actually picked up the wrong ones and got the plain...now i have to go back and get another bag
    a small snickers bar
    a bryon bay cookie
    jelly belly jelly beans
    mcovy chips
    shortbread biscuits
    mentos blast gum
    neutrogena oil free scrub
    zazi chewing gum
    140g box of lavosh
    white magic eraser
    nappy rash cream (cant remember which bag)
    nescafe coffe sample

    I think the clovercrest bag is better value as the picklets retail for $3.50
  • Rebekah762009/09/08 22:31:14
    I got mine from Ascot Park Foodland on Marion Road.

    I suspect that there are core items from donating parties and other bits depend on the store and what excess items they have.

    I guess each bag has value for different people.. the doggy snacks in ours were worth thr $5 I paid.. and the dog loved them..

    This is the third year I've gotten these bags. First year was the best. Had those glade air fresheners (not just a refill), and plenty of other great stuff
  • melissanj2009/09/09 07:48:26
    are these suppose to be at all foodland stores?? i went to pasadena and there wasnt any mention of them :s
  • queenshrew2009/09/09 10:06:08
    Are these available in Queensland?
  • Rebekah762009/09/09 15:04:18
    don't know about Queensland. Might be worth asking your local Drake Foodland

    Only in Drake stores, so if the store is a Romeo Foodland, or IGA Foodland, you prob won't get them.

    If the store is branded IGA/Drakes, then they should be there

    Here's a list of SA metro stores from their website:
    Aberfoyle Park Foodland
    Angle Vale Foodland
    Ascot Park Foodland
    Blackwood Foodland
    Castle Plaza Foodland
    Clovercrest Foodland
    Drake Supermarket Glenunga
    Elizabeth Park Foodland
    Findon Foodland
    Fulham Gardens Foodland
    Gawler Foodland
    Golden Grove Village Foodland
    Grange Foodland
    Hallett Cove Foodland
    Newton Foodland
    North Haven Foodland
    Para Hills Foodland
    Para Vista Foodland
    Parafield Gardens Foodland
    Royal Park Foodland
    Salisbury North Foodland
    Seaford Foodland
    Semaphore Foodland
    Sunnybrook Foodland
    Surrey Downs Foodland
    Torrensville Foodland
    Walkley Heights Foodland
    West Beach Foodland

    I guess they may also be available in regional stores, but not sure.
  • Rebekah762009/09/09 15:05:25
    so - Melissanj - you might have to go to a different store as Pasadena isn't on the list

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