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Find the cheapest book deal at Booko

Posted By: kazyazy, posted 2009/01/20 20:03
I just found this site called Booko. Its really good you type in the name of a book and it gives you the cheapest deal.

Compares DVD prices too!
  • kazyazy2009/01/20 20:07:31
    Mr Playboy: Hugh Hefner And The American Dream
    Steven Watts

    Where? [INDENT][/INDENT] Price Delivery Total
    Book Depository[INDENT][/INDENT] $25.61 $0.00 $25.61
    Amazon UK [INDENT][/INDENT] $22.48 $17.26 $39.74
    Better World Books [INDENT][/INDENT] $33.95 $6.00 $39.95
    Fishpond [INDENT][/INDENT] $34.24 $5.99 $40.23
    Booktopia [INDENT][/INDENT] $35.96 $6.50 $42.46
    Amazon US [INDENT][/INDENT] $29.86 $12.89 $42.75
    Bookware [INDENT][/INDENT] $36.99 $7.00 $43.99
    Readings [INDENT][/INDENT] $39.95 $6.50 $46.45
    Abbey's [INDENT][/INDENT] $39.95 $6.50 $46.45
    Glee Books [INDENT][/INDENT] $39.95 $8.00 $47.95
    The Nile [INDENT][/INDENT] $53.36 $6.95 $60.31
    Seekbooks [INDENT][/INDENT] $53.96 $6.95 $60.91
    Shearers [INDENT][/INDENT] $53.96 $6.95 $60.91
    Boomerang [INDENT][/INDENT] $53.96 $6.95 $60.91
    CookBooks [INDENT][/INDENT] $59.95 $6.95 $66.90
    Collins Booksellers [INDENT][/INDENT] $59.95 $6.95 $66.90
    DStore [INDENT][/INDENT] $61.55 $6.95 $68.50
    Angus & Robertson Not Found
    Dymocks Not Found
    Elsevier Not Found
    Emporium Books Not Found
    IT Books Online Not Found
    QBD Not Found
    The Book Abyss Not Found
    oo.com.au Not Found
  • nod2009/01/20 20:18:12
    like the book choice :D
    Huge price difference between the stores. Are the prices quoted minus shipping fees?
  • kazyazy2009/01/20 20:24:18
    They list price, delivery and total in order from cheapest (including delivery )to most expensive in Australian $$.
    Book Depository $25.61(delivered) compared to dstore $68.50 (delivered)Its a huge difference !!
  • Seamus2009/01/20 23:01:33
    Top find, kazyazy! Just when I decided to cut back on my book spending, too!
  • mouldgirl2009/01/21 00:41:10
    Awesome that they include the delivery. Thanx Kazyazy. Voted hot. Sent you a little rep too ;) Not been very generous of late
  • golfwidow2009/01/21 10:00:20
    HOT Kazyazy! Thanks :)

    Seamus to Buckscoop :)
  • admin2009/01/21 10:23:26
    Ha - good list of comparison sites kazyazy - thanks

    I looked at an iphone app the other month where you take a picture of the front cover of a book and it returns you a list of the people who sell that book. I'll try to find the name of it. Very very smart application.
  • lilpretzel2009/01/21 12:24:30
    I love shopping at Book Depository, scored the Twilight Movie Companion for $13 shipped :D

    Note about Booko.

    [COLOR=black]Do you make money out of this?[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=red]I collect referrer fees from several sites if you follow a link from Booko to their shops, then actually buy a book. [/COLOR]

    This doesn't affect the results of the searches.
  • queenshrew2009/01/21 14:10:00
    Nice book site!

    If I intend to get the book anyway..and this is a good way to find the cheapest price -- I don't mind that they receive a little referral incentive.. not expecting them to work for free :D

    and Welcome to Buckscoop[COLOR="DarkOrchid"] Seamus[/COLOR] :)

    I love books too! :D
  • ozshark2009/01/22 07:09:16
    Would have come in handy BEFORE christmas, but oh well! :)
  • nod2009/01/27 22:14:38
    Just a note re this site and Buckscoop cashback. You will pick up cookies from merchants on thi site that may interfere with your Buckscoop cashback tracking. I recommend that you clear all your cookies before you click through a Buckscoop link to make a purchase :)
    Just to avoid any missing transactions
  • golfwidow2009/01/28 10:05:02
    This site is fantastic! Thank you heaps Kazyazy. The book I wanted was half price from the Book Depository when I searched on this site! Very happy :D
  • kazyazy2009/01/28 10:15:34
    My order arrived from the book despository today and it only took about a week. I am very happy :w00t: :w00t:
  • shaztronics2009/01/28 11:35:04
    Yes, this site is a great find. Got me a great price on a book I was looking for.
  • bt342009/01/28 23:33:29
    Booko is a great site. Been using them for a while.
    Glad to see they fixed up the shipping rate for BetterWorld Books.
  • kazyazy2009/06/23 16:40:35
    I just noticed Booko compares the price of DVDs now. YAY!!!

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