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Find Nod a Valentine? ---- WINNERS NOW POSTED

Posted By: nod, posted 2008/02/03 18:15
hehehehehehehe...... well not exactly

You have til 12 midnight EDST this Friday to go hunting for the ultimate Valentines gift ............

Details below
Expiry date:2008/02/09
  • nod2008/02/04 11:21:11

    [COLOR="Red"]Pick me pick me pick me !!!![/COLOR]


    [B]Here is the challenge... both short and sweet:[/B]

    [SIZE=4][B][COLOR="Magenta"]You need to find the best Valentines gift you can think of and post it up in the forum.
    The item does not need to be a traditional Valentines gifts - just pop in a comment as to why you would give this to your Valentine
    And we will of course be awarding a prize or two ;)[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [COLOR="Black"][SIZE=5]We have 3 prize categories:[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    [COLOR="Blue"]1. The best value - quite self explanatory but the user that posts the valentines gift that is the best value will take the prize

    2. The funniest - this is completely subjective but the user that posts the Valentines gift that gives us the most laughs will walk away a winner

    3. And last but not least... the true bargain hunters Valentines - all you have to spend is $20. The deal that makes the best use of the $20 budget wins - NOT INC POSTAGE[/COLOR]

  • nod2008/02/04 11:30:00
    [COLOR="Black"][B]We always have a few rules I am afraid:

    1. Our decision is final - the winners are quite subjective here so please remember it is all a bit of fun

    2. The comp starts 12 noon EDST TODAY Monday 4th Feb and finishes midnight EDST Friday 8th Feb

    3. The winners will be announced Saturday morning 9th Feb

    4. The prizes will be posted later today ;)

    5. All deals must be for items that are in stock, can be delivered anywhere in Australia and MUST be available to all Buckscoop members - Physical items please.

    6. Any dupe posts will be removed and will not count in the comp so please search the forum before posting

    7. You can enter as many times as you like

    8. And THE MOST IMPORTANT THING - YOUR DEALS MOST BE TAGGED WITH THIS "[COLOR="Blue"]NODS VALENTINES[/COLOR]" - If I can't find your deal then it can't win the comp

    Ok boring stuff done... good luck
  • nod2008/02/04 11:32:49
    Ooopsss nearly forgot .. comp is open to all Buckscoop members.... any lurkers or newbies... head [B]here to join us :)[/B]

    And post any questions here in this thread

  • leny2008/02/04 11:36:11
    Re: 3: Does the $20 include postage? :)
  • nod2008/02/04 11:44:52
    ooohhh very good point... mmmmm NO :D
  • photographyisart2008/02/04 12:18:52
    Hi Nod,

    Does the gift have to be someone that can be bought??

    Cause I have a great idea for a gift that classifies as the bargain category but cant be posted as a deal cause its not exactly from a store.

    Can I post my entry in this forum?
    I really would like to enter.

    I'll post it here for now and if anything changes i can always delete it.
  • photographyisart2008/02/04 12:32:31

    Great gift for those on a low budget, and someone orginal and a bit different or for someone who has everything or you dont know what to get them.


    Instructions : collect all the following items and put in a nice bag or box.
    With the items, also include this list of what each item means and put with items (can either be typed up and printed off or handwritten).

    Most of the items can be bought cheaply or found around the house.

    "Reminders of why I love you:

    Skittles - for the rainbow of excitement we share.
    Cotton ball - to help soften the rough times.
    Popcorn - because you keep popping into my thoughts.
    Match - because we are a perfect match.
    Candle - because you light up my life.
    Mint - I "mint" to ask you to be my Valentine.
    Hershey's Kiss - A kiss for you if you'll be mine.
    Bubble gum - Don't burst my bubble, be my Valentine.
    Sucker - I'm no sucker, I want you for my Valentine.
    Snickers bar - Don't snicker, I think we'd be cute Valentines.
    Stick of gum- For all the times you've stuck by me.
    pom-pom ball - for the warm fuzzies you create.
    a rose {{real or silk}}- hand picked for perfection as I picked you..if silk so it will last forever like us.
    small glasses{{like used on dolls}} - to always help me to SEE clearly
    needle and thread=that binds us together
    a balloon - that you remind me to always reach for the sky
    Hugs and Kisses- (Add Your name)."

    Enjoy!! :)
    Feel free to add or subtract as you see fit.

    (Resources from internet - budget101.com, craftbits.com, epinions.com, sawyers-specialties.com, familycrafts.about.com)
  • leny2008/02/04 12:48:42
    photographyisart, that is the sweetest thing. :(
  • bigal2008/02/04 13:31:19
    awe crap, I think thats a winner
  • golfwidow2008/02/04 14:24:35
    That is great. Dont know how much hubby would appreciate it but its a great idea anyway :)
  • nod2008/02/04 19:23:58
    Well sorry to be a stick in the mud but the item has to be able to be purchased :(

    Sorry :(

    And you can enter as many times as you want :)
  • nod2008/02/04 19:26:03
    and the item does not need to be a traditional Valentines gift too.... if you can explain why you would give it to your Valentines :D

    Widens the playing field a bit ;)
  • Michelle21542008/02/04 22:09:53
    Ive got one, do i post it here on a separate link?
    anyway its at [url]www.bigshop.com.au[/url] its a "I love you kit" for $12.95. Also some other really odd gift ideas such as a blow job bib for $10.95.
    Hope u like.
  • leny2008/02/04 22:15:07
    Post it as you would with any other deal, except the one only thing you have to do different is make one of the deal's tags: NODS VALENTINES

  • Michelle21542008/02/04 22:20:38
    Thanks for that will do.
  • leny2008/02/04 22:24:33
    No problems. :) It might also be a good idea to submit the items seperately? I think that might give you a better chance as Judge Nod will have a nice overview of single items. :cool:
  • Michelle21542008/02/04 22:41:15
    Bumber, i just put the few i found together, i'll fix it tomorrow, im too tired now off to beddy bys for me.
  • leny2008/02/04 22:56:37
    I don't know how Judge Nod would like it set out, so it might be good to wait for her response before reposting every single item. :D
  • photographyisart2008/02/05 10:31:19
    o well im out then, ill try again next time :(
  • nod2008/02/05 19:39:37
    o well im out then, ill try again next time :(

    Sorry Photographyisart :(

    And Judge Nod says that putting them all together is fine :D
    The deal post mainly covered the one item anyway :)
  • nod2008/02/06 11:36:55
    remember you can post non traditional valentines gifts too... :)
  • nod2008/02/07 19:47:43
    And here are the prizes thanks to [B]Lilpretzel [/B]

    Prize pack 1
    Bed of Roses DVD PLUS a Bed of Roses

    Prize pack 2
    Bodyguard Special Edition DVD Plus deluxe Handcuffs
  • nod2008/02/07 19:49:33
    Prize pack 3
    Heart microbead cushion

    Or for the more conventional

    Prize pack 4
    Chose of a Deals Direct or a Play4Me voucher :)
  • lilpretzel2008/02/08 18:28:57

    [CENTER][COLOR=Navy]You have til 12 midnight EDST this Friday
    to go hunting for the ultimate
    Valentines gift[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=Navy] [/COLOR][CENTER][COLOR=Navy]http://www.buckscoop.com.au/images/favourites.gif[/COLOR][COLOR=Navy]http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/../images/favourites.gif[/COLOR][COLOR=Navy]http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/../images/favourites.gif[/COLOR][COLOR=Navy]http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/../images/favourites.gif[/COLOR]

  • nod2008/02/09 10:07:43
    Ok time to announce the winners of the Valentines comp :)

    1. The best value - This was a hard one but after checking out all the deals I came back to Golfwidows' 20% off Snapfish code

    2. The funniest with out a doubt - St3rlite's 'Can't control your woman/man
    Remote control ;)

    3. And last is the $20 category is ...my personal favourite... the backless jocks, thanks to Scarletrubies :D
    With an awesome 24% cashback

    To claim your prize - simply send me a Pm with your prize choice!

    Thanks to all those that joined :)
  • admin2008/02/09 10:22:21
    :D the bodyguard + handcuffs.

    Congratulations you three.
  • ScarletRubies2008/02/09 11:17:46
    Oh, there's a lovely surprise for the morning! Thanks, Nod. :flowers:
  • st3rlite2008/02/10 22:58:12
    hehehe i'm glad you got a laugh from the remote control :) now i wonder if anyone bought one for their special someone this valentines..!
  • nod2008/02/10 23:09:14
    No probs guys :)

    I will sort the prizes tonight or tomorrow morning :)
  • nod2008/02/11 19:54:26
    Prizes have all been sorted :)

    Please let me know if they don't arrive

    [COLOR="Red"]Thanks again to all those members that took part [/COLOR]
  • ScarletRubies2008/02/11 20:54:52
    Ruby is off shopping.... 10% off, 7.2% BS cash, and a bunch of vouchers = happy cheapskate.
  • admin2008/02/11 21:44:22
    :D - go Ruby.....
  • golfwidow2008/02/12 06:37:41
    Thank you :) Im off shopping too!
  • st3rlite2008/02/12 09:18:21
    thankyou me three :)

    i never usually enter these competitions but im glad i did!
  • nod2008/02/13 12:35:03

    Glad we have 3 happy little Buckscoopers :D

    i never usually enter these competitions but im glad i did!

    Hope we have now started a trend st3rlite ;)

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