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Factory Fast - PRICE SLASH! Modern & Traditional Designer Rugs - $29.95 + Bucky Cashback.

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Posted By: lilpretzel, posted 2009/03/16 12:23
Now this is HOT!!

Modern & Traditional Designer Rugs - NOW $29.95
Size: 150 x 210cm
  • voteoften2009/03/16 12:36:29
    I think postage ranges from $18 - 30 for each rug. Factor that in when you browse.
  • nelly2009/03/16 20:06:41
    If you are after a plain rug, I recommend you check your local Ikea. I purchased a plain red rug 1.5 by 2m approximately for the kids playroom. The rugs range in price so have a good look through
    I like this design http://pictures.factoryfast.net/thumbs/images/Pictures/Rugs/D-6Maroon-2.200x200.jpg
  • fairybelle2009/03/16 20:59:49
    hey nelly, what are the prices like at ikea? better than here?
  • sal782009/03/16 23:29:09
    what is 100% Egyptian Polypropylene? I like that design too Nelly and have it in my basket. Just concerned about the quality.
  • nod2009/03/16 23:48:48
    Hey Sal78 - it is just polyester - what most rugs are made of so they are hard wearing :)
    Not sure on the quality of the weave though - but great price I think
  • baycie2009/03/18 19:28:58
    Just a warning to all who are thinking of buying from these guys, it took me over 6 months with numerous emails, phone calls, a paypal dispute, contacting the office of fair trading and threatening going to Today Tonight/ ACA before they would replace the samurai swords i ordered which arrived broken in pieces. They have zero customer support and are extremely rude, there is a thread at whirlpool with lot's of people with similar stories, so just be careful, i would hate what happened to me to happen to anyone else.

    Cheers Baycie
  • NoosieB2009/05/01 15:08:11
    For anyone who is interested - Factory Fast have advertised again that all these rugs are now $29.95. However I note there are a couple appear at $31.95 or $39.95 - like the dinosaur rug on this post. Maybe it's gone up $10 because it was a popular buy from March?

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