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*expired* - USB to XLR "soundcard in a cable" - $4.95 (RRP$70 in the USA)

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2010/03/26 20:37
I was amazed at the quality of this when it arrived. If you have a good XLR microphone (like a Shure SM58), then you can hook it directly up to your pc (officially supports mac/windows/linux - haven't tried it but reports are it works on xbox360 and ps3 as well) via a usb port for high quality audio recording. Doesn't provide phantom power so really for dynamic microphones only, but for $4.95 plus $2 shipping it's amazing value. 3M of very thick, quality cable... Great for karaoke, podcasts, video....

See http://www.amazon.com/LightSnake-STUSBXLR10-USB-Microphone-cable/dp/B000H7O9ZI/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top and http://www.soundtech.com/products/home-recording/stusbxlr10/

"This LightSnake cable is a XLR microphone to USB cable that is ideal for recording voice or other musical instruments on your computer. The LightSnake microphone cable is basically a Soundcard in a Cable that allows you to record digital audio directly onto a computer. It is as simple as connecting the XLR plug of the LightSnake cable to a microphone and then connecting the USB end to a computer USB port. This is a true USB plug and play connection. No additional drivers are needed for most operating systems. An embedded 16 Bit Analog to Digital Converter with audio signal boost ensures extremely low audio loss and 48/44.1 KHz Sampling Rate provides a high audio quality while recording. The HSDL (Host Side Data Loss) Noise Reduction function prevents any unwanted noise when converting the audio signal to digital format and saving to a computer."
  • ninkasi2010/03/26 20:40:30
    Did I mention it glows at both ends?
  • rthomson2010/03/27 01:59:17
    Drat, They ran out of stock before I could get one.
  • ninkasi2010/03/27 08:06:54
    Sorry! Was a good deal whilst it lasted. Maybe they might get some more....

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