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EXPIRED - Deal Twelve: 5.6 Inch Bluetooth Digital Photo Frame - $39.95 @ dStore (RRP $120) +7.2% cas

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Posted By: Brad, posted 2007/12/18 05:58
We have a arrived at the final deal for The Twelve Days Of Christmas.
But don't worry, as it's a good one!

dStore have the 5.6 Inch Bluetooth Digital Photo Frame (with Bluetooth Dongle)
selling for just $49.95.
Take your free $10.00 Jetstar Discount Coupon attached to this deal below,
PLUS your 7.2% CASHBACK, and you've got yourself a steaming lil' deal!
Expiry date:2008/12/01
  • Brad2007/12/18 23:00:23
  • Brad2007/12/18 23:00:54
    • Stream digital content (photos, videos, music) wirelessly to the frame from your
    Bluetooth device (mobile phone, digital camera, computer).
    • Has 128MB memory built-in which is enough for up to 500 photos: why not load
    the frame with some photos before giving it to someone as an extra special gift!
    • Free standing with the built-in table stand or wall-mountable.
    • Stand can be oriented as landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical).
    • Zoom in to display detail for high resolution photographs.
    • Supported memory cards: CF, SD, MS, MMC, xD, USB drive.
    • Inbuilt stereo speakers with a wireless remote control.
    • Watch MPEG format movies and listen to MP3 format music.
    • Play background music while watching your photos in a slideshow.
    • Has an A/V output port and cable for connecting to another display device.

    Technical Specifications:
    Screen 5.6 inch active matrix TFT LCD
    Resolution 960x234
    Sound Built-in stereo speakers
    Remote Control Compact Infrared
    Built-in Memory 128MB – transfer via USB port or Bluetooth
    Memory Cards CF (CompactFlash)
    SD (Secure Digital)
    MS (Memory Stick)
    MMC (MultiMediaCard)
    xD (xD Picture Card)
    USB Drive
    USB Support 2 x USB ports – standard and mini size.
    Plug in your portable USB Drive storage
    device or connect directly to your computer.
    Operating Modes Photo / Movie / Music
    Photo Format JPEG
    Movie Format MPEG, MPEG4 (DIVX, XVID)
    Music Format MP3
    Accessories Remote control, power adaptor, user
    manual, USB cable, AV cable, Bluetooth
    Dimensions W 220mm, H 170mm, D 33mm
    Weight 1.0 kg
    Operating Temperature 0° C ~ 50° C
    Power Consumption 8.4W
  • admin2007/12/18 23:11:09
    bluetooth !

    I like the idea. You should in theory be able to connect your phone to it and download the images off it.
  • Brad2007/12/18 23:12:17
    Here are all the other deals in case you missed them:
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    and this is Deal 12.

    :rudolph: :christmastree:
  • elegantegotist2007/12/18 23:14:28
    I'm not very photogenic sometimes so I think I will pass on this one.
  • Brad2007/12/18 23:19:32
    Elegant - can't it tempt you with it's boasts of video and audio? :p
    Or are you video-genically unstable?
  • nod2007/12/18 23:20:06
    I'm not very photogenic sometimes so I think I will pass on this one.


    I would have to say that I will join you there :D
    Good pressie I think
    Shame I have already used my $10 jetstar voucher
    Thanks Brad
  • nod2007/12/18 23:20:59
    just read me post and I thought I had better clarify Elegant.. what I meant was that I am also not very photogenic :o

    I have no idea what you look like :D
  • bigal2007/12/19 11:28:06
    $10 offer is not showing up in my checkout :(
  • Brad2007/12/19 16:07:37
    You'll need to go through this deal here: http://www.buckscoop.com.au/forums/showthread.php?p=28414
    Then it should show up at checkout. :)
  • bigal2007/12/19 17:03:42
    thanks brad, that seem to have worked this time... but my login didnt work and had to get them to email me a new link to create a new password or something.
  • Brad2007/12/19 17:41:26
    Thats pretty strange with the login - but at least it's ok now. ;)
  • ScarletRubies2007/12/29 18:39:08
    Hey Brad, meant to say thanks for this - husband got an unexpected gift for Christmas and was thrilled (he was only going to get coal, but you posted this...) :)
  • Brad2007/12/29 20:32:50

    Ruby, thats good...
    Unless of course he deserved coal. :confused:
  • ScarletRubies2007/12/29 21:57:05
    nah, he's a good boy. It's only we'd decided our new camera would be a combined Christmas and anniversary gift to ourselves... but the deal you found was too good to pass up. You should have seen him going through the box: "oh, look, it's got a USB drive... oh, hang on, it's bluetooth! And it's got (bla bla bla) cables! And (bla bla bla)!"

    He was pretty chuffed.
  • Keeys2007/12/29 22:10:45
    haha men and their gadgets :o
  • lilpretzel2008/01/01 17:58:35
    Great offer Brad, I will now expire your deal.

    This item is currently unavailable.

  • Brad2008/01/03 17:46:25
    Unexpired :w00t:

    They are now back in stock, but for how long?
    Fastest fingers get them...
  • Brad2008/01/03 17:53:20
    Just a note to mention - there is the possibility that if you use a gift voucher or store credit with this merchant, then they may not honour cashback.
  • ScarletRubies2008/01/03 18:03:44
    Yep, not tracking for me. Oh well - I still think the deal was/is great.

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