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estore - 24 port gigabit switch, web manageable + 24 Cat5 cables = $264 delivered.

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2012/05/08 14:09
Something for the large home/small to medium size office - NETGEAR GS724T PROSAFE 24-PORT GIGABIT SMART SWITCH

24 10/100/1000 Mbps Ports
Two SFP GBIC fibre ports
Web interface to manage the switch, more features that you can point a burnt jumbo frame at
'Green' switch that powers down ports not being used, and adjusts power based on cable length - save 'up to 70%'.
Fanless design, so no noise.
Sturdy metal case, can be rack mounted if requred
RRP $471.90, now $264 with delivery 24 patch leads thrown in for free!

Model info here: http://www.netgear.com/business/products/switches/smart-switches/smart-switches/GS724T-300.aspx#
  • ninkasi2012/05/08 16:22:27
    Going through the specs of this, and it's very impressive. Talking some enterprise grade features....

    IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol
    IEEE 802.1W Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol
    IEEE 802.1S Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol
    Auto-voice VLAN
    SNMP v1, v2c, v3
    RFC 1213 MIB II
    RFC 1643 Ethernet Interface MIB
    RFC1493 Bridge MIB
    Jumbo Frame Support (up to 9 KB)
    IEEE 802.1Q Tag VLAN
    GS716T-200: 128 Static VLANs
    GS724T-300: 128 Static VLANs
    IEEE 802.1p (Class of Service)
    DSCP - L3 QoS
    Port -based ingress/egress rate limiting
    IEEE 802.3ad static or dynamic link aggregation (LACP)
    DHCP client function
    Broadcast storm control
    Port mirroring (many-to-one)
    Port setting
    Green features: Power saving by cable length ( <10m). Power saving by auto power when link down
    IGMP snooping v1/v2
    IEEE 802.1x (RAIDUS)
    Access control list (ACL) - MAC, IP
    IEEE 802.1ab LLDP
    Protected ports**
    HTTP and HTTPS
    Auto denial-of-service (DoS) prevention
    Ping & traceroute
    Web-based configuration, anywhere on the network
    Smartwizard Discovery Utility program auto discovers devices (up to 254 agents/switches); set system configuration to each agent
    Configuration backup/restore (easy to configure more than one switch)
    Password access control
    Firmware upgradeable
    Support of Ethernet audio/video (EAV)*

    Active Flow Control

    Full-duplex IEEE 802.3x pause frame flow control
    Half-duplex back-pressure control

    Performance Specifications

    Forwarding modes: Store-and-forward
    Bandwidth: GS724T-300 = 48 Gbps, GS716T-200 = 32 Gbps
    Network latency:
    GS716T-200 average latency 4.5 us for 1000 Mbps with 64 bytes
    GS724T-300 average latency 4.5 us for 1000 Mbps with 64 bytes
    Buffer memory: 512 KB embedded memory per unit
    Priority queues: 4
    Priority queuing: Weighted Round Robin (WRR)
    Address database size: 8,000 media access control (MAC) addresses per system
    Addressing: 48-bit MAC address
  • ninkasi2012/05/11 15:49:30
    and for what it's worth, mine arrived yesterday... have set it up and it's not bad at all. Warranty until 2039 (!), and the 24 cables were all 6m Cat5e Netgear branded jobs... so decent enough quality. They've been discontinued (CT5B6 6M jobs - replaced by Cat6 no doubt) but still perfectly fine for Gigabit. Actually, the cables alone are probably worth more than the switch itself... ;-)
  • Pookie2012/05/11 16:21:19
    LOL, 6m leads....its going to look like spaghetti junction! Good deal but Im not sure Im going to use 24 ports unless I wire up the house...twice :) Will you be using this in the office or home?
  • ninkasi2012/05/11 17:14:06
    I know - no idea what I'll use those 6m cables for. Maybe just whack them on eBay!

    I'm using the switch to replace two small switches that I'd daisy chained... don't need 24 ports, but the neat thing with this switch is it powers down those ports not in use so will save a bit of energy there. It's amazing how the ports all add up, though! Mac mini, two topfields (pvrs), qnap (nas), pc & laptop (kids), wireless access point, couple of printers, two blu ray players, two WD tvs, couple of VoIP sip adapters (for home 'phone & fax)... yes, could have some of this on the wifi network, but cable is better if you can as it can be more reliable, faster, and leaves more bandwidth for those things that are on radio....

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