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Email alerts for $1 bags at Rushfaster

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/06/29 04:56
Now this is a little bit of an unknown. But Rushfaster have just advertised on their email that they will be "Every now and then we will drop the price of some bags to JUST $1. Sign up here and you'll be the first to know by email when it happens."

Now I have no way of telling what bags will be reduced and when. But if you are on the look out for a new bag then it can do no real harm signing up to receive an email about cheap bags
And Rushfaster do have some nice looking bags
  • admin2007/08/09 19:51:59
    makes you wonder what sort of bags they'll be dropping to one dollar..... rushfaster do have some good stuff in there.
  • elegantegotist2007/08/09 20:22:15
    I'm sure we'll hear it here first when it happens. But I'll sign up just in case.

    Odd - my voting power dropped from 7 degrees to 4 degrees ? :( Not happy Jan.
  • admin2007/08/09 20:39:10
    :D - thats still more than I've got..... think we need to turn this place into a dictatorship. Hang the democracy.

    Your user rep - which constitutes your voting power is updated every day. Once of the biggest factors is the average temp of the deals that you post - which in turn is made up of things like the number of views it gets, the number of votes and temp that it gets etc. Whats nice is that we've got a lot more people voting on deals these days. You'll find that when you strike a really good deal and it gets nice and hot your user rep will go up and ultimately your voting power.
  • elegantegotist2007/08/09 20:44:38
    Oh I posted a suckky deal about everythingbutflowers. I liked having that much power.
  • admin2007/08/09 21:36:33
    :D - megalomania is addictive.
  • jayne2007/08/09 21:39:23
    My vote temp stays at about 3 - because I have posted a lot of deals, it must stick at a pretty average temp !
  • elegantegotist2007/08/09 21:44:56
    The bags on this site are so nice. What kind of bags have gone down to $1 in the past ? Not any of the good ones i suspect ? A lot of the bags are well into the hundreds of dollars.
  • jayne2007/08/09 21:45:46
    The bags on this site are so nice. What kind of bags have gone down to $1 in the past ? Not any of the good ones i suspect ?

    A "good" bag would be a matter of personal opinion though... :D
  • elegantegotist2007/08/09 21:50:14
    All the ones I like are expensive. :D
  • admin2007/08/09 21:51:41
    I have no idea what they've put down to $1 previously but I know they have some nice laptop bags in there. I was tempted to get one last sale they had.
  • jayne2007/08/09 21:52:28
    All the ones I like are expensive. :D

    Typical!!! Unfortunately I find myself thinking the same when looking at some of the fashion deals posted on here :D
  • elegantegotist2007/08/10 00:37:46
  • jayne2007/08/10 00:41:28

  • nod2007/08/10 15:27:48
    I am sure I signed up to the newsletters and have never actually received one!
    Maybe it is so exclusive they only have one bag :D
  • elegantegotist2007/08/10 15:55:59

    Nice $60 dollar keyring. :whistling:
  • nod2007/08/10 16:02:08
    Yeah it is quite cute but 60 bucks for a key ring!!!!!! :eek:

    But it is very very easy to spend over $150 at RushFaster. They do have some great bags :)
  • admin2007/08/10 17:27:03
    Always worth picking up the little extras - thanks elegantegotist. I've got a friend who has one of those acme bags. They're very cool. Good way to cart a laptop around.
  • elegantegotist2007/08/12 15:03:22
    I'm beginning to think this might be a gimmick to get us on their mailing list. It's very clever of their marketing department.
  • nod2007/08/12 16:50:30
    Did you sign up Elegantegotist? Actually calling anyone that has signed up and received an email alert for a $1bag ?????
  • admin2007/08/13 17:50:59
    I would have thought we'd have had one lob into the mailbox by now. You may well be right elegantegotist - in which case they go down in my book of brownie points.
  • elegantegotist2007/08/13 17:53:01
    I signed last week up but no offers as yet. Too good to be true methinks.
  • admin2007/08/13 17:56:23
    might mail them - find out why there is nothing coming out. scumbags.
  • jayne2007/08/13 19:01:50
    I signed last week up but no offers as yet. Too good to be true methinks.

    Every now and then

    Methinks it won't be very often that we get the $1 email...
  • Debz2007/08/14 20:24:59
    I want a $1 bag :twisted:
  • nod2007/08/15 09:06:45
    I signed up 6-7 weeks ago and nothing so far
    Nasty marketing ploy to get you to sign up to their emails
    Not very nice
    I guess they are hoping that we forget about the $1 bags we actually signed up for
  • admin2007/08/31 09:26:46
    I'm going to expire this one. I emailed rushfaster a couple of weeks ago now and havent heard back from them. Probably conveniently dropped into the lost mail mailbox.

    Annoys me when customer service has fallen so low that people cant be bothered answering queries.
  • diider2007/08/31 15:32:05
    Funny how they JUST sent me a competition to win free bags but the attachment cant be opened.
  • nod2007/08/31 17:17:24
    Me too but no attachment - just a link to the entry page

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