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eChoice $200 cashback for appointment with home loan consultant

Posted By: buckyscooper, posted 2010/06/11 22:19
eChoice is offering $200 cashback for every appointment you set with a home loan consultant, whether it's for a bank specific product or the mortgage broker service.

**This is for a completed appointment. If the appointment is cancelled, cashback will not be available.**

Like all generous cashback offers, please note that if they are misused we will lose them.
  • oleglap2010/06/12 17:26:31
    so cashback applies only if you sign up to a homeloan with them? Can't see any reference to the $200 on their website?
  • nod2010/06/12 22:10:54
    Can't see any reference to the $200 on their website?

    Oleglap the cashback is offered via Buckscoop. You will not see any reference to cashback on the website of any of the merchants listed on Buckscoop. It is a 3 way relationship but the 'cashback' is offered from Buckscoop, not the merchant directly.
  • nod2010/06/12 22:23:11
    so cashback applies only if you sign up to a homeloan with them?

    The information we have is for a completed appointment with one of their representatives
  • hofrad2010/06/12 22:36:52
    I applied lastnight and had a call from them today. Waiting for another call now.
  • hofrad2010/06/16 16:36:46
    I dont really get it. Ive had 2 calls from them and the last call she said she will send me some info on lenders.
    Whats the appointment?

    And its not tracking on my earnings thing.
  • hofrad2010/06/23 12:21:31
    i got my first lot of loan info but they did the calculations for $30 000 less than my loan so i had to wait for them to do the right amounts. Then unfortunalty the offers werent as good as my current loan. So wasted alot of time.
    Not sure how cashback works for this. Ive spent all that time talking to them, wasted my time as the offer wasnt good enough and cashback not tracking. I hope some else has better luck then me.
  • Donkey2010/06/23 17:18:25
    Thanks for letting us know hofrad. They may take a little while to report that the consultation has finished but if you dont see anything pop up within two weeks submit an 'earnings enquiry' to us and we can track down why the amount isnt showing.
  • hofrad2010/06/23 18:15:39
    Donkey everything was done over the phone and through email. Im guessing that the only way you get cashback is if you choose a bank or lender they emailed to you and you go have a appointment to sign up at the bank/lender. It was a few calls and emails but im guessing thats not classed as their "APPOINTMENT".
    Service was ok im not putting the company down but what they offered couldnt help me.
  • Donkey2010/06/23 18:30:07
    Did you start the process off by clicking through to them using the 'Go To Deal' link above and then submitted the details needed in the form on the page?
  • hofrad2010/06/23 23:30:58
    Yep i did it that way
  • nod2010/06/23 23:57:44
    So the process did start with Buckscoop. So as Donkey says, wait 2 weeks and if you are still not seeing Echoice listed in your earnings, please generate a missing transaction enquiry

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