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EBGames - nintendo wii console + sports $296

Posted By: Donkey, posted 2009/12/15 22:21
EBGames are having a one day sale tomorrow. No idea what stock levels they are carrying of the console but I suspect there wont be many and they'll walk out of the shop pretty fast given the $296 price. Looks to be instore only.

There's also a few other decent looking prices - guitar hero 5, call of duty 4 etc. Have posted the image below.
Expiry date:2009/12/16
  • Donkey2009/12/15 22:22:56
  • Steptoe2009/12/16 18:07:11
    Available online between 8:01am and 8:00pm

    I can add to the Cart, so it's still available now

    The Wii Fit bundle at Dick Smith is probably a better deal anyway...

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