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EB Games - Trade In Your Wii Console Get $250 Store Credit, $110 for PS2 (slimline), $90 For Wii Fit

Posted By: blondieo, posted 2009/05/08 09:28
I just saw this promotion at ebgames.com so I thought I would share it with all the buckscoopers out there!

If you trade in your nintendo wii console, eb games will give you $250 store credit to spend on anything in store.

You can also trade in your wii fit and get $90 but not in the same transaction. Or your ps2 ( slimline )and get $110.

All they ask is that they are in full working order and complete, so I'm assuming with controllers and leads.

This is only a limited time offer, so I'm really not sure when it ends, hope it's useful to someone!

*** Not stated anywhere BUT it's the Slimline PS2 ONLY ***
  • lilpretzel2009/05/08 09:58:41
    Gee $110 store credit for PS2, well I know what I'll be doing with my old one, that's a ridiculous amount to offer.

    Thanks blondieo and Welcome to Buckscoop :)
  • blondieo2009/05/08 10:25:20
    Couldn't believe it either! And we actually have a few of them lying around the house, but i'm sure they wouldn't take the chunky ps2's for just as much.
  • lilpretzel2009/05/08 11:55:46
    Yes that's correct, it's only the [COLOR=Red]slimline PS2[/COLOR] that receives the $110 credit.


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