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E65 or SE W880i for $375 @ Vodaphone - save $125

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Posted By: wheadle, posted 2007/08/19 03:56
Been chatting to the guys on Wp and saw this offer that apparently is still on til 9th Sept
What you get is:
Free E65 or SE w880i (nokia for me)
$30 credit a month
free 100 texts, 100 free vodie mins or 100 free mins 8am-8pm
total is $720 but you can unlock it any time
and here is the beautiful thing that you can unlock the phone anytime for $15 a month
so may $30 upfront then as soon as you get the phone unlock it for $15 x 23
Total you pay is $375 but then lovly old Buckscoop give you a TOTAL $55 BACK
Just got a new phone with vodaphone but my wife is getting one of these for sure

***$55 cashback is only applicable for the $49 plan
- ant234***
  • nod2007/08/19 19:04:43
    Hot vote from me :w00t:
    You sure about the unlocking fee and being able to do it so soon Wheadle?
  • nod2007/08/19 19:07:27
    So after having a look around, you would pay about $500 for either of these phones (the cheapest I can find)
    But with this offer you pay $375 but then get $55 back so the total you pay is $325
    A nice saving of $175!!
  • wheadle2007/08/19 19:08:26
    I haven't taken up the offer yet but others on wp have and reckon it all worked fine for them.
  • nod2007/08/19 19:09:55
    Hope you don't mind Wheadle but I just put some of your calculations in the heading :)
  • wheadle2007/08/19 19:12:40
    :D no worrys. I can't find the unlock costs on the site but will keep looking for you Nod
  • ant2342007/08/19 19:56:44
    This Promotion has now finished. We appologise for any inconvenience.

    Please feel free to participate in any of the following offers.

    This is the message I got when I clicked on "Go to this deal".
    So the $55 cash back is over?
  • admin2007/08/19 19:58:43
    Thats actually a very good find wheadle - thanks

    SE 880i can apparently be unlocked for free.

    ignore that - I guess any unlocking will be bound to this contract.
  • admin2007/08/19 19:59:37
    2 secs ant234 - looks like we have an old reference link in there. Will just chase it down
  • ant2342007/08/19 20:01:27
    Thanks admin.

    Greatly appreciated!!

    EDIT: Sorry Admin, I think the new ref link might be wrong :( It's going to the $49 cap instead of the Hot $30plan.
  • admin2007/08/19 20:03:48
    all mended for you sir.

    was an old link through the guys that track the cashback - pox on them.
  • admin2007/08/19 20:08:12
    I had to read your post about 5 times to make total sense of it wheadle. But I think I get it now.
  • admin2007/08/19 20:12:18
    ahhhh - so it is - I see the connection now. 2 more secs :)
  • admin2007/08/19 20:20:05
    the scumbags - they've dropped the $55 cashback on the $30 plan and there's only the cashback on the $49 one. So my apologies - no cashback unless you go the $49 - which I dont think is the smart way to go unless you really want the minutes.

    I'll do some sums see what they look like.
  • ant2342007/08/19 20:21:18
    Damn! I see we've missed out on the deal! :(

    Thanks anyway admin
  • admin2007/08/19 20:24:42
    the hotplan 30 contract is still valid with vodaphone so you can go there direct and get the deal just not with the $55 cashback.

    This what the vodaphone site says about cancellations.


    [*]Credit Expiry: 1 month
    [*]If you decide to leave before 24 months is up, just pay half of your monthly spend x the number of months left on your Contract.
    [*]See our Terms & Conditions section for details.[/LIST]
    I was just going to do some sums to find out what that works out to be
  • admin2007/08/19 20:26:49
    gimme a sec to do some investigation
  • ant2342007/08/19 20:27:42
    yep, $55 just make the deal even sweeter. oh well!

    Here are some basic sums:
    $30 a month.
    Cancel before the first month is up, $15 x 23mths = $345 + $30 (first month) = $375.

    A WP member have unlocked the handset without activiting the Voda sim, it might be "possible" to cancel without starting the first month. If so:

    $15 * 24 = $360
  • nod2007/08/19 20:28:30
    I wish they would let us know when the cancel these things
    They have not bothered to let us know that they are only now offering the cashback on the $49 plan
  • nod2007/08/19 20:29:04
    Even without the $55 this is a very good offer - I will amend the title
  • admin2007/08/19 20:49:10
    ant123 - gimme 15 mins to do a comparitive work up on the costs and benefits on each plan
  • ant2342007/08/19 20:54:42
    ant123 - gimme 15 mins to do a comparitive work up on the costs and benefits on each plan

    NP. Thanks.

    I take it there's no point waiting for a new cashback offer for the hot30 plan?
  • nod2007/08/19 21:15:37
    I think you need to pay the first $30 and then you pay the 23 x $15 for the unlock Ant234

    AND re the next hot30 offer.. we have no way of knowing I am afraid. But if they do we shall let you know

    And sorry for being so rude Ant234, I forgot to welcome you to Buckscoop :o

  • admin2007/08/19 21:16:21

    Assuming you have to give a notice period (which means your going to pay for at least one months plan).

    The $49 plan is going to cost you $557.50 (factoring in cashback)
    the $30 plan is going to cost you $375.00

    thats the basic bit - but am just playing around with other stuff so back in a sec

    Probably not would be your best answer ant123 - but they might go back to the $30 plan cashback at some stage.
  • nod2007/08/19 21:20:18
    The $49 plan gets you the N65 for free but you can get it for $500 elsewhere, so not an awesome deal but not bad when you factor in the extras you get with the plan

    * Free mobile of your choice
    * BONUS Bluetooth™ headset or 12 month magazine subscription
    * Now a massive $310 credit to use on standard talk and TXT to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

    Be quick – offer ends 26/08/07

    * Monthly FREE BONUS – choose one:
    - 100 FREE VF to VF mins
    - 100 FREE TXTs
    - 50% off international call rates
    - 5% of your monthly Cap donated to charity. (You will only get electronic bills as part of this)

    And I think they need to clarify the very very broad "$310 credit" - each month?? for 24 months?? how does that work??
  • ant2342007/08/19 21:23:55

    And sorry for being so rude Ant234, I forgot to welcome you to Buckscoop :o

    NP! :) Good to find nice admins like you guys!
    I'll just get the $30 plan as that's probably the cheapest way of getting the W880i
  • schlemster2007/08/19 21:26:23

    my creative side is on fire tonight
  • admin2007/08/19 21:27:10
    now assuming you actually want a new phone, stay in the contract and use the available credit you get every month (to a t and no more) then based on the fact that you get $30 credit on the $30 and $310 credit on the $49 plan here what the total cost is

    For the $49 plan you pay $1121 and get $7130 worth of call time so you'd save $6009 on the bill you'd otherwise get.
    For the $30 plan you pay $705 and get $705 worth of call time so you'd save $0 on the bill you'd otherwise get.

    :D - largely academic and totally redundant but a bit of fun....
  • jayne2007/08/19 21:28:18
    Welcome from me too ant234! Sorry I cannot comment on the deal, way to complicated for me !!
  • schlemster2007/08/19 21:28:37
    where you get the $7130 call time admin?
    no way they give you 310 a month!!!
  • admin2007/08/19 21:31:22
    24 * $310 - which according to vodaphone is

    Now a massive $310 credit to use on standard talk and TXT to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

    I think the vodaphone call charges otherwise suck - 30c connection and 80c pm - but then nearly all the oz ones suck.
  • nod2007/08/19 21:32:45
    But they do not state anywhere that I can find on the site that the $310 credit is per month. In fact, they have no reference about this again anywhere that I can find. I suspect that it is a total $310 credit for the 24 month contract. I think they have worded this very carefully :D
  • nod2007/08/19 21:36:53
  • nod2007/08/20 19:24:59
    If you are currently a TELSTRA MOBILE CUSTOMER and Telstra only, if you change over to Vodaphone they will give you an extra $100 credit!!
    I think this offer is still available but you must sign a 24 month contract. And I think they credit it after a few months

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