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DVD sale at Devoted DVD

Posted By: nod, posted 2007/03/19 06:18
Joining everyone else at the moment, Devoted DVD are having a dvd sale. There is a large number of titles available. And luckily they are in alphabetical order.

An example of a good deal is the Buffy Season 2-7 are $35.95 delivered each. Season one is only $29.95
  • nod2007/03/20 00:11:01
    And for the kids they have a range of Hi 5 dvds at $14.95-15.95
    these prices include shipping
  • wheadle2007/03/20 00:24:31
    you do need to have a good look around in here. cos some on the prices are not great but the free shipping is always nice to have

    just picked up mission impossible 2 for $11.13 and million dollar baby for $17.50
  • admin2007/08/07 17:10:22
    16 blocks $13.95. I watched this the other night. Brucey baby can get on my nerves but I actually really liked the film. Pure pulp of course but warm fuzzy pulp. Plenty of twists and turns.
  • admin2007/08/07 17:15:37
    Few more I reckon are worth watching.

    History of Violence - entertaining pulp.

    :D :D - the A team seasons 1,2,4 and 5.... for 25 - 27 bucks (did I say worth watching.....!). No idea if thats cheap - just staggered that they'd DVD'ise something like the A team. Who'd pay to watch it.

    American History X - $10.50. Moralistic amercan pulp - but entertaining.
  • nod2007/08/07 17:31:34
    The A team :D ... and yes you did say worth watching :eek:
  • Brad2007/08/07 17:39:55
    :eek: This is quite a long-lasting sale.
  • Brad2007/08/07 17:40:27
    But theres some good bargains all the same.
  • nod2007/08/08 15:56:00
    :D a permasale
  • admin2007/11/04 20:07:13
    they keep extending the sale outwards - there's dates for Jan 2008 in there. Worth a look for some of the cheaper bits in there.

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