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dstore - Golla Picnic Laptop Bag (Red or Turquoise) $33.65

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Posted By: NoosieB, posted 2009/09/22 16:17
These laptop bags have been reduced from $59.95 down to $33.65 ($26 saving). They're such a fantastic vibrant colour, a nice change from the stock standard black laptop bags.

It fits 13" notebooks and the dimensions are 340 x 260 x 115mm.
As always postage needs to be factored in. It's a bit steep at $14.95, but still works out cheaper than the full price of the laptop bag.

The bag is available in red and turquoise.
  • NoosieB2009/09/22 16:18:18
    Here's the red one:

  • golfwidow2009/09/22 16:23:04
    They are cute. Would get one if I had a laptop. Really should work on that LOL
  • wheadle2009/09/22 18:34:12
    Bit girly. Are they any good at protecting the laptop?
  • wheadle2009/09/22 18:50:44
    Shopbot has the brown 15.4 listed at $17 not Inc shipping at dstore.Golla LaptopS (15.4") - Picnic - Brown (G355) - dStore.com.au
    And megabuy have the same thing for 33 delivered. The brown 15 inch bag. Wonder why the smaller coloured bah is so much more. They also list the rrp at 27 or something
  • nod2009/09/22 19:26:58

    These are the sleeves Wheadle. The deal is for the bags which have a handle etc. They apparently come with a one year warranty. Well on others sites they talk about a warranty. No idea if you get it via dstore as the dont mention it.
    I like the red one :)

    The bags are $44.65 @ Techgear

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