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DStore.com : your global department store

Posted By: JoshHoward, posted 2008/01/28 06:15
If you shop at dstore.com instead of dstore.com.au you can save alot as prices are cheaper dstore.com ships for the same price as dstore.com.au . So there is no reason not to shop at dstore.com .

NOTE: You may use your dstore.com.au account to login for the dstore.com
  • admin2008/01/28 23:20:52
    you sure there josh - couple of the ones I checked out just swapped USD for AUD but the cost in AUD was the same once converted.
  • nod2008/01/28 23:37:34
    We would need to create another merchant for this deal as dstore.com do not offer a cahsback program too
  • zzyss2008/01/31 13:35:58
    The reason why the prices might be cheaper is because the overseas orders are exempt from GST. So in other words a 10% discount. However, I think that if you have a shipping address in Australia it will add the tax back on anyway.
  • admin2008/01/31 19:39:45
    very true zzyss - but only if you get caught. I dont quite get why they'd maintain two complete sites. Surely you'd just have the one and deal with GST at purchase. Odd...

    Welcome to buckscoop btw.
  • nod2008/01/31 20:02:28
    [COLOR="Red"]Welcome to Buckscoop Zzyss[/COLOR]

    Love to see new Buckscoopers :)

    It does seem very odd that they would maintain two sites.
    With regards to the cash you often see it said that they will leave packages that have a value less than $1000. If they item was sent via courier I think you would have a much higher chance of getting hit with tax. Standard mail may be a better option. ???
  • joelwilliam2008/02/01 00:59:07
    it's not items under $1000, it's when the collectible duty is less than $50.

    so if the item is duty free then it must be under $500 in declared value including shipping.
    GST being a "duty" and being charged at 10%, GST is applied after everything else tho, so value of the goods + shipping + any import duty, then GST on all of those.
    so as long as you check customs to check the duty, and keep the duty under $50 it's free.



    The whole thing with the $1000 limit, is that items under that amount don't require the importer to file official paperwork if sent via a courier service.
  • Wally2008/02/01 01:22:47
    Think that is only relevant for importing

    Here you have an Australian retailer shipping from an Australian warehouse to an Australian customer - GST would have to be applied if it was questioned IMHO
  • JoshHoward2008/02/01 20:47:39
    This has worked for me in AUD the prices are like $0.55 off and there is the same postage cost most items are cheaper not all
  • admin2008/02/01 22:06:16
    I'd always been under the impression it was a $1000 threshold so thanks JoelWilliam.

    And I'd have though Wally was bang on. dstore would get in trouble for shipping GST free to an Oz address. Even if they were running through an offshore entity they'd still be classed as carrying on business in Aus.

    Interesting thread josh - I like it.
  • JoshHoward2008/02/02 12:34:11
    Im glad you are interested!

    Also it sucks now you cant use the ten dollar vouchers together i did once but on a friends account thy can't!
  • Keeys2008/04/08 01:16:45
    Expired due to link no longer working
  • geo782008/04/08 01:19:14
    link is still working for me
  • Keeys2008/04/08 01:23:13
    hmm I've had this problem with a few posts before for no reason the link doesn't work for me :(

    I just retried and doesn't work for me .....might need to reboot I think ;0
  • voteoften2008/04/08 01:32:13
    This all looks to be true. I tried to buy over $30 in toys to see if I could get the free shipping, but it didn't work.
  • geo782008/04/08 01:33:14
    the free shipping on toys is an offer from dstore.com.au. please follow the link to the deal: http://www.buckscoop.com.au/deals/12106/dstore-free-shipping-on-toys-purcha
  • Keeys2008/04/08 08:59:39
    hmmm I've rebooted but this one still isn't working for me no idea why ...oh well
  • admin2008/04/08 16:36:30
    Really is just you keeys - still works for me. No idea why you'd be having this problem.

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