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dStore - Banana Guard $9.95

Posted By: LisaMaree, posted 2009/01/12 09:13
I have never seen this before lol!!! A great idea for banana's that don't fit in the lunch box, you can even get a glow in the dark one he he.
  • melissanj2009/01/12 09:14:16
    haha that does look fairly interesting
  • lilpretzel2009/01/12 09:19:25

    I'm sorry, there is no way I would send my daughter to school with one of those.

    What happens if the banana isn't that shape :p

    LOL So funny :prop:
  • kazyazy2009/01/12 09:39:40
    I agree with you Lilpretzel I wouldn't send my daughter to school with one of those. What a weird idea. :innocent: LOL
  • voteoften2009/01/12 10:07:44
    These are fabulous. I bought one on ebay from the UK. 90 - 95% of bananas that you would send to school fit in these things. The kids think they are fabulous as do the teachers. I love them. I am voting hot and leaving rep.
  • fairybelle2009/01/12 12:38:38
    Nooo.. thats wrong...
    I think it would be embarrassing to pull out one of these...
  • LisaMaree2009/01/12 12:58:32
    I think it would all depend on the age of the child, my 5 yr old would think nothing of this at all. I really do think it's a great idea, I get a lot of squashed bananas back from kindy at the end of the day, this would mean that I could send the same banana the next day instead of giving a new one.
  • queenshrew2009/01/12 12:59:21
    LOL It looks funny!!

    Voting Hot cos it made me giggle!
  • tarajaneace2009/01/12 15:16:21
    I have been searching for one of these.. they are hard to come by.

    I dont think miss 6 will think anything of it!
  • snoozin992009/01/12 16:55:46
    LOL. I love the fact they call it "Passionate Purple" :p
  • Keeys2009/01/16 08:33:47
    I think it would make an interesting valentines day gift ....give to you love one top open giftwrapped ;)
  • spodosaurus2009/01/16 13:13:27
    I love how the large majority of the 'oh my' type comments come from the female members of buckscoop. Naughty! :)
  • golfwidow2009/01/16 20:03:28
    Never seen this before but I can see they would be good to use. Lunchbox use of course :whistling:
  • dustbunni2009/01/17 16:21:19
    The banana ones on here are cute


    a few different ones to fit different fruits

  • trevorf2009/01/17 17:17:18
    Cheaper than some, so I guess Hot Deal ay? :P
  • lilpretzel2009/01/17 21:33:51
    Now I like the round ones and shipping is only $5.50.


  • admin2009/01/18 00:02:24
    :D going to be a bit hard to fit a bananna in the round one
  • Keeys2009/01/18 08:52:23
    :D going to be a bit hard to fit a bananna in the round one

    I know lot of people who fit a banana in a round one ;) :whistling:

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