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DSE - Nintendo Wii Console - $399

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Posted By: Wally, posted 2008/03/19 13:11
Includes Wii Sports (bowling, boxing, baseball, tennis and golf), one wireless Wii Remote and one Nunchuk.

* Unique freehand Wii Remote, with Rumble feature and its own speaker providing depth of sound never before experienced in a video game system.
* Wii is the console that never sleeps!
* WiiConnect24 allows content, messages and updates any time of the day or night via an internet Wi-Fi connection.
* Includes Wii Sports (bowling, boxing, baseball, tennis and golf)
* Also includes: one wireless Wii Remote and one Nunchuk
* Plays two disc formats in a single, self-loading media bay
* Features a processing chip from IBM and a graphics chip from ATI
* Wii Channel for news, weather, photo viewing, message boards and more
* Rated G

Edit: [limited Stock available as at 4am 19/3/08]
  • skyaresilver20042008/03/19 13:18:37
    Isn't this the recommended retail price anyway?
  • Wally2008/03/19 13:22:28
    Heh! If so must explain why it's hard to find stores with available stocks! :D
  • kingyubbo2008/03/19 15:53:37
    There are nil available anywhere that i know of.
  • Donkey2010/05/24 19:04:36
    Price is now $299 but its not a particularly good buy at that price so will expire this.

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