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DSE - 8gb Apple ipod touch - $174 after cashback

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2011/06/09 23:19
Apple ipod is currently $199 (delivery free). Less $20 cashback from paypal if you spend over $200 [ok, so you'll need to get something like a battery or a cable to bump the total up to $200], but end result is a decent device for $174 after you also include the 3% buckscoop cashback on the original $200 ($200 less $6 less $20)....

My eldest daughter loves hers.... and her younger brother & sister are pushing to get one each as well. Say what you might about Apple, they are easy to use and - when compared to a Nintendo DS - are arguably better value. Games are cheaper, can't be lost/broken (lose the ipod, you just download them again, versus a physical cartridge), and if you have more than one ipod you can enable home sharing and share a game for no extra cost - with the DS you have to buy another cartridge.....
  • ninkasi2011/06/09 23:32:55
    I would note that the current model is 'nearing the end of the cycle' which means a new model may come out later in the year....
  • Donkey2011/06/10 06:05:06
    Unless your one of the people who pushes the boundaries of functionality it'd still be perfect for playing music. I do like the touches even though I have one that never gets used because its all loaded on the phone.
  • Mum2Boys2011/06/11 18:24:50
    Would you think since they are bringing a new model out that these will continue to decrease in price or have a clearance sale?? Just tried this offer but DSE is sold out online :(
  • ninkasi2011/06/11 22:15:50
    possibly slightly.... but no idea when the next model will actually come out. Last time the touch got refreshed, the old models were discounted to get rid of the old stock, but they went quickly. Current RRP is $259 for the 8Gb model - doubt that they will get much cheaper than $199, but you never know....
  • ninkasi2011/06/11 22:20:58
    Here ya go - the old model went for $184 at Big W when at the time, the new model was $289 or so. They did sell out quickly as I recall.
  • Bargaindude2011/06/13 12:56:32
    Here ya go - the old model went for $184 at Big W when at the time, the new model was $289 or so. They did sell out quickly as I recall.

    Big w are usually pretty competitive for things like this.
    I had to ring around to hunt for my iPad 2 and big w were the only ones with any stock, and they were the cheapest too! Even JB was like $30 more and they had a big waiting list and couldn't even give me an idea when they would have stock.

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