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Dick Smith - Hot Price - Wii Console + Wii Fit + MotoGP Game ONLY $388.00 (In store only)

$388.00Get deal
Posted By: nod, posted 2009/06/30 18:08
Showing at $449 when you head through from the front page of DSE so think this might be an error?
I would print out the page and take it in store to get the advertised price or take it to Kmart to get the price match which is even better!

* Cat No. YG6100P43
  • chmaiden2009/07/01 11:32:24
    no mistake - went and got one this morning, but out of motogp - arrives tomorrow
  • lilpretzel2009/07/01 17:10:30
    Thanks for letting us know chmaiden.

  • lauren79472009/07/02 21:10:08
    Thanks heaps for that! We just got ours home :)
  • nod2009/07/03 17:02:10
    excellent! Just thought it was odd that they had 2 different prices. I think that there were a few stores that tried to get people to pay the higher price. Worth ringing ahead and taking a copy of the web page offer too if needed
  • utehick2009/07/12 17:42:51
    G'day all,

    I went to EB Games today and they said they could match the Dick Smith Deal if i had proof...but the deal is no longer on the website....can anyone help??? any suggestions?
  • nod2009/07/12 18:13:33
    Hey utehick
    Usually with the price match offers the product needs to be available and in stock. I am not sure if DSE still have this offer available so first thing to do is ring one of the stores to find out and maybe get some sort of proof off them or get EB to ring the store that you do?

    Or maybe maybe someone here had a screen shot or already printed it out? Sorry I can't help as I did not save it

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