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Dick Smith - 12 online deals of christmas

Posted By: ninkasi, posted 2010/12/02 17:22
Todays deal is the Logitech Harmony 300 Remote for $24, inc shipping. Tomorrow is the Wii Fit Plus for $98....
Expiry date:2010/12/12
  • ninkasi2010/12/02 17:29:24
    Note - there are limits to the number of items to be sold eg 300 for the Wii Fit - so you might need to be quick....
  • ninkasi2010/12/03 22:59:48
    Just checked then, and the Wii Fit Plus was still available for $98 including shipping. If you have a Wii but don't have this, it's worth getting..... I got one a few months back and (although I'm yet to be totally convinced of the value it provides as an exercise device) the kids love it and the number of included games are pretty impressive.
  • ninkasi2010/12/04 22:33:06
    Very tempted with this dock on the 7th at half current RRP, as it's a good device but has been around for a while so suspect it doesn't come with adapters to suit the iPhone 4/latest touch.... darn it....
  • ninkasi2010/12/05 22:43:11
    With respect to the dock, the unit itself doesn't have great reviews. Seems it's ok, but not quite up to the normal standard of Pure. Taking that into account, and also having to shell out for an adapter (that also don't have great reviews) if my daughter was to use this with her new iPod touch, I reckon I'm probably better off looking elsewhere..... maybe a Logitech dock.... my guess is the iDock is nearing end of life and being discontinued, hence the price drop.... might still wander into DSE tomorrow and see if there's one I can look at....

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