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Dell Networked Colour Laser Printer 5110cn 50% off! $849.75 was $1699- 50% off ink too+Free monitor

$849.75Get deal
Posted By: sandgroper, posted 2007/11/05 03:34
Click though to the dell page and select the printer and configure to your needs.

Go to checkout and enter coupon code 39144B7F5E58 for a half price laser.

E-VALUE CODE : Q841134 Normal price $1699

I dont quite understand how Dell can continue to make this deal better but here you are, you now should get a free OLYMPUS FE-270 7.1MP SILVER Camera Value $199 AND a Dell 20" Entry (E207WFP) Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor (ANA, DVI) value $349 when you purchase this printer.!

Be very quick as this coupon will get pulled shortly I think.

Sorry no bucky cashback on this heavy discounted deal
  • admin2007/11/05 21:06:38
    Is the coupon a mistake sandy ??
  • sandgroper2007/11/05 21:48:25
    Its I think not for public consumption but was emailed to some. OK to use though, Dell can only refuse the order cant they.
  • nod2007/11/05 21:50:11
    True. There is no guarantee they will actually honour the order but some of these codes give you an amazing discount :)
  • nod2007/11/05 21:50:29
    Hot vote from me too :)
  • admin2007/11/05 22:16:32
    elegantegotist - you needed a new laser printer :)

    just a shame there's no code to get a freebie wii with it.
  • sandgroper2007/11/05 23:03:46

    Open that page and then click buy now on what interests you, then configure as you want it. Now click to checkout and enter the coupon code for that product ecode you chose.

    Should be job done ;)
  • admin2007/11/05 23:10:18
    Nice one sandy. The only thing I should add is that I doubt you'll get cashback off the link if your using it.
  • sandgroper2007/11/07 00:38:21
    Dont forget if you buy this printer that anything you buy with it is discounted too by 50% so stock up with refill colour cartridges at half price too while you can!
  • sandgroper2007/11/07 23:42:59
    This laser deal may just get even better value for money ;)

    Currently the Dell Colour Laser 5110cn is listed as coming with a free Mio C220 GPS Car Nav worth $499


    Now if you go to buy this laster printer it has a bullet on the right of the cart showing the C220 gps and when you checkout with the 50% discount code the sat nav is still listed in the deal, exactly as it is if you dont use the discount code, so this may mean another error by dell and you might just get a Mio C220 GPS satnav for free with your half price laser printer.
  • admin2007/11/07 23:53:09
    :D - its not the worlds best satnav but if it comes for free who cares. Shame I dont need a laser printer.
  • nod2007/11/08 01:10:40
    If they sent you the C220 GPS as well that would be awesome :D
    Very nice addition Sandy
    Shame I can't give you 2 hot votes
  • kearnsy2007/11/09 14:23:11
    Mr Groper,

    This deal has now changed... I think it is actually better deal, includes a 20" LCD and an Olypus 7MP digital camera. Not that I am sure of how much the GPS was worth?

    Can you or admin update the thread title?
  • sandgroper2007/11/09 19:22:05
    Thanks Kearnsy, I cant fit all the new info in the title, they are giving away too much for it to fit now!

    Its a Dell 20" Entry (E207WFP) Wide Screen Flat Panel LCD Monitor (ANA, DVI) value $349
    with 3 Years Advanced Exchange (Next Business Day)
    And an OLYMPUS FE-270 7.1MP SILVER digital camera Value $199

    So total value is $548 given away for free and your only paying $849.75 and getting a colour laser printer as well.
  • admin2007/11/09 20:16:32
    heck thats a good deal. I was impressed when it was just the printer.
  • nod2007/11/09 21:37:12

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