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Dell Colour Laser Printer 1320c - Error [-AUD 2.20] with DELL PC/Laptop purchase!

Posted By: dennisy, posted 2008/08/01 13:28
Just noticed that the Dell 1320c Colour Laser Printer is coming up as [-AUD2.20] with the purchase of a DELL PC or Laptop.

Tested this out with the DELL Vostro 200 Slimline desktop, advertised @ $648, and for a $2.20 "discount" (@$645.80), you can get a colour laser printer included, FOC!

Dell Vostro 200 Slim Tower Desktop

Not sure how long this will last, but get-in quick :)
Expiry date:2008/08/02
  • nod2008/08/01 16:40:45
    Nice one Dennisy
    Hot vote from me :)
  • sandgroper2008/08/01 17:01:01
    And a hot from me too ;)
  • jinx2008/08/01 18:13:36
    Trying to work it out with the purchase of a laptop, I"m abit confused as where to find it
  • sandgroper2008/08/01 20:56:21
    I think they must have fixed the error now, I dont see this printer offered as a part of cofiguring R220802AU any more.

    The dell pages are being really very slow opening for me atm so if someone else wants to confirm using another ecode it would be good but is does seem to be missing now.
  • lilpretzel2008/08/01 21:09:38
    Nope can't see it.

  • dennisy2008/08/01 22:18:57
    Thanks for the hot votes :) Unfortunately looks like this bargain has now been "fixed" (or rather totally removed!) by DELL :(

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